Volcano “Firehose” of Lava Creates Stunning Clash Between Fire and Sea (Video)

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A volcano in Hawaii was home to a dramatic feature last month: a “fire hose” of molten lava that streamed from a hole in a sea cliff into the Pacific Ocean. A cliff fall on New Year’s Eve off the coast of Hawaii opened up the fire-hose of lava that has not stopped since.

When the lava originating from the Kilauea volcano on the Hawaii island falls directly into the ocean, it creates pulsating explosions of steam and lava fragments. Sometimes the fragments can be thrown back up, going higher than the steam itself.

RWC News Volcano “Firehose” of Lava Creates Stunning Clash Between Fire and Sea (Video)

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory warned sightseers that venturing too close to the ‘fire hose’ “exposes you to flying debris created by the explosive interaction between lava and water.”

Amazing footage from the steep cliffs at Kamohuna shows a continuous flow of lava into the Pacific Ocean. You can hear the sea hissing and boiling when the scorching liquid plunges into the cold seawater, sending chunks of rock flying into the air.

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