Watch: Brutal Video Proves That ISIS Has No Balls

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From dressing up as women in an attempt to flee approaching coalition forces, to reportedly surrendering en masse after a recent battle, Islamic State group militants are clearly losing and have no chance of victory. And according to the latest reports, they also appear to have no balls.

I mean, that’s the only reasonable conclusion one could possibly reach based on their most recent actions, which included sharing images Monday showing veritable jihadi bootcamp sergeants kicking their recruits in the groin.

According to Newsweek, the photos were snapped at a military camp in the Yemeni province of Bayda and showed soon-to-be new jihadi graduates being kicked in the groin with “a blow that could knock even the strongest man down.”

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Take a look at one below:

RWC News Watch: Brutal Video Proves That ISIS Has No Balls

The chyron text at the bottom seems to suggest the photos were in fact screenshots from a propaganda video of some type.

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That these recruits were forced to accept kicks in the groin means they either lack testicles — it’s possible, right? — or are so brainwashed with Islamic dogma they don’t mind being pummeled in the sack for good ol’ Allah.

This isn’t necessarily new, though. Two years ago the U.K. Daily Express obtained riveting footage showing another batch of jihadi recruits being kicked and punched in the groin by their trainers:

“Things get stranger as the fighters are shown hopping over the shoulders of several tall ISIS extremists,” the Express reported at the time. “The bizarre jumping continues with jihadists then seen leaping over a human pyramid of militants. They are also seen boxing, stretching, firing guns and doing press ups.”

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Apparently, this is what makes a young jihadi a man. Over here in the United States, this would make you an idiot, but I digress.

Look, if the morons of the Islamic State group want to punch and kick each other in the groin, be my guest. I just hope they don’t go getting any silly ideas about how this will miraculously help them win their battle against the United States.

The fact is nothing will help them, and their ultimate defeat is simply inevitable.

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

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