WATCH: Massive Crowd Of Football Hooligans Protest Islamic Terror

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RWC News WATCH: Massive Crowd Of Football Hooligans Protest Islamic Terror

England’s “Football Lads” formed a massive alliance to march against extremism.

Some of England’s toughest native stock – the working class football fans – have stood up to say enough is enough. After a steadily rising rate of terrorism in Britain, these “lads” have taken to the streets to denounce Islamic extremism, and the weak-willed politicians who have turned their nation into an open-air Madrasa.

The rival football firms united under the banner of Football Lads Alliance, a movement started by John Meighan in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack and the Manchester Arena bombing earlier this year.

The group has been criticized for being Islamophobic, and accused of giving other types of extremists a pass. But the critics don’t mention the inconvenient fact that so-called right wing terrorists haven’t claimed any lives in England in recent memory.


RWC News WATCH: Massive Crowd Of Football Hooligans Protest Islamic Terror

Thousands of soccer fans set aside their rivalries to protest the rise in Islamic extremism.

Like the English Defence League before it, the FLA is giving voice to a growing segment of the British population that is sick and tired of watching Middle Eastern and African immigrants bring their backward Islamic customs to the overcrowded neighborhoods of London.

That irritation grows to outright anger when these ungrateful guests commit gruesome terrorist attacks against the innocent population. As the attacks continue, the resistance to them will grow stronger.


If the government continues to ignore the voice of the people, they are inviting more destructive clashes in the future as more and more young men begin to understand that their politicians have failed them.

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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