WATCH: Suicidal Man BEGS Police To Finish Him, But Then Video Captures Next Move

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RWC News WATCH: Suicidal Man BEGS Police To Finish Him, But Then Video Captures Next Move

“Phillip,” said he wanted to die.

“C’mon man shoot me. Just do your job, man.” Sadly, these are not uncommon words for an officer to hear. Too often, people choose the poorly named “suicide by cop” when they decide to end their life. That was the plan of this suicidal knife-wielding man in Maryland. But one Baltimore officer had a different plan.

Officer Angel Villaronga stated after the incident, “ I didn’t want it to be a deadly force outcome.” The whole thing occurred on September 6 and was caught on the officer’s body camera. The desperate man told police;

“A man has got a knife in his hand. He’s threatening you, saying he’s gonna hurt someone out here, and all of a sudden you all don’t do nothing?”


Officer Villaronga calmly followed the man as he walked. After about five minutes of talking, the suspect identified as Phillip handed over his weapon.


Jeremy Silbert, Public Information Officer for the Baltimore Police Department thanked reporter Paul Gessler with FoxBaltimore for telling the story and praised the officer, “Great work by Officer Villaronga.”

Unfortunately for the officer, and fortunately for Phillip, this was not the first time Officer Villaronga had encountered the situation.

“At 13 years old, I had the same situation happen with my father, and he was gonna jump off the roof. So, we had NYPD there and they asked me to go up. They don’t want to see my mom because that’s gonna make him jump. So, de-escalation, right there.”

His father is still alive today because of the smart-thinking NYPD. Phillip is alive and receiving treatment because that lesson followed Officer Villaronga his whole life.

Source: Blue Lives Matter

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