WATCH: Teenage Surfer Enjoying The Waves, Narrowly Avoids Tragedy As Monster Appears

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RWC News WATCH: Teenage Surfer Enjoying The Waves, Narrowly Avoids Tragedy As Monster Appears

This teen was in for a shock…a shark!

Just over a month ago, the Daily Post showed that sharks seem to have been quite active this year, even chasing a criminal who tried to make a swimming getaway. The chase to turned into a rescue operation quite rapidly. It does not appear that the season of hunger ends for these denizens of the deep, at least not if what one surfer faced is any indication.

The International Business Times reports that teen surfer Matt Marshall was enjoying the waves when “off Prevelley when he came face-to-face with the 13-foot-long shark.” When this monster showed up, tragedy was narrowly avoided.

Marshall said to 7, “[We] just saw a splash, thought it was a dolphin at first then yeah went back through the footage and realized it was a shark.”


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The grateful surfer added, “You just see the fin pull off the wave, about a meter in front of me … so lucky it didn’t come towards me a bit quicker.”

His friend, Kobi Evans who filmed the ordeal, said “He’s lucky he went for the wave essentially, because he could have been missing a leg for all we knew.” Considering the power of some sharks, this WHOLE TEEN could have been missing, leaving nothing but bones behind, if that.

The boy said that he is not going to give up the sport that he loves, which is admirable when it is remembered that only days before, “a surfing Belgian woman in her 20s, was knocked off her board by a 13-foot-long great white shark at nearby North Point beach.” She too was undamaged, though the same cannot be said about her surfboard.


RWC News WATCH: Teenage Surfer Enjoying The Waves, Narrowly Avoids Tragedy As Monster Appears

Matt Marshall (pictured) thought that this was a dolphin. He is was in for quite a surprise when he watched the footage.

Of that incident, Off-duty lifeguard Tom Van Beem informed Stab Magazine that “The water started doing that gurgling thing, like when it gets pulled over the reef, but we didn’t think much of it. Then out of nowhere I saw the girl get launched into the air, followed by a huge pair of fins and the whole side of this Great White.”

There have been attempts at shark repellents, but the concoction is as likely to anger the shark into attacking as sending it fleeing. Until the idea or one like it comes to be perfected, these types of things will happen.

Thankfully, the sharks seem to be lunging and aiming badly this year, but we can’t keep counting on that.

Sources: The Daily PostThe International Business Times – 7 –Stab Magazine

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