WATCH: Video Reveals Muslim Migrants Sick Plan, “Refugee” Status Faked To Get To UK

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RWC News WATCH: Video Reveals Muslim Migrants Sick Plan, “Refugee” Status Faked To Get To UK

Squatters have taken to hiding from authorities in order to get access to countries with better benefits

Muslim immigrants arriving and staying in Europe certainly do value themselves highly. They have arrived in the hundreds of thousands for various reasons, largely tied to economic migration.

Many are refusing to apply to asylum in certain countries because they are holding out until they get to a country with looser benefit requirements. Muslims in Belgium are living off of NGO handouts while actively trying to get into the United Kingdom to apply for better benefits.

It has become clear to many in the United States and Europe that immigrants are coming to Europe simply for free money and housing. Their countries were unable to provide them with the luxuries they feel as though they deserve and so now thousands upon thousands fled toward Europe in the hopes of getting social benefits. Western European social-democracies seemed like the perfect place to claim status as a refugee and collect any benefits they feel they deserve.


RWC News WATCH: Video Reveals Muslim Migrants Sick Plan, “Refugee” Status Faked To Get To UK

These squatter in Belgium are avoiding asylum status so that they can try to get to the UK, where benefits are better

Not only has their intrusive and ridiculous hopes made them think that they will simply be given free money in exchange for absolutely nothing, their culture is clashing dramatically with those fronting the bill. Islam is proving everyday that it is not compatible with Western secular governments or the values that European nations represent. Now the Europeans are playing a constant game of appeasement for reasons that their leaders are telling them are their fault.

Somehow it has become established through leftist and Marxists indoctrination that Europeans are to blame for the problems of the world. Europeans have been told time and time again that they are responsible for the horrors of the world thanks to colonization and massive wars. However, Europeans are being mislead to think that they are solely responsible for crimes that Muslims commit on a daily basis.

Slavery is still a problem in many countries in the world and yet the world is silent to speak out against the most basic violation of human rights.


Countries like Saudi Arabia and parts of Libya have often conducted slavery under the radar of the United Nations so as not to draw unnecessary attention but countries like Mauritania allows slavery legally. It is an odd and backwards country that somehow evades international attention because slavery is such a huge part of their culture since Islam encourages the owning of other humans.

RWC News WATCH: Video Reveals Muslim Migrants Sick Plan, “Refugee” Status Faked To Get To UK

Across Europe Muslims are claiming land as their own as hundreds in Rome, above, have taken to the streets in order to wait to get better access to more benefits somewhere else

The established narrative suggests that Europeans do not deserve their power or economies because they engaged in, and then ended, the slave trade that took place several centuries ago.

Not only was their role as the emancipators of a millennia old tradition forgotten, but they have somehow been represented as the sole slavers of the age. Islam not only condones the owning of slavery, it encourages it as many women are simply seen as property in Islam.


Islam also allows Muslims to punish non-believers in a number of ways that liberals blatantly ignore or hide. Killing is tolerate and accepted as those who are not are not actual people to Muslims, thus ensuring their clean conscious after they kill a non-believer.

Sexual attacks are also encouraged against infidels because they deserve their fate for not converting to Islam. These are only a few of the things that Islam allows and encourages but even mentioning these facts anymore in Europe is enough to get someone in serious trouble.

RWC News WATCH: Video Reveals Muslim Migrants Sick Plan, “Refugee” Status Faked To Get To UK

The streets of Paris have turned into a campground as Muslims begin to settle in and make these cities more like home.

The video evidence that documents migrants trying to take advantage of European benefit systems shows that they are being informed that European countries are going to pay for their needs.

Instead of going to a needy European family, Muslims are encouraged to apply for social benefits over the Europeans since the main stream narrative insists that Europeans should be placed at a lower priority than Muslims in Europe.


Unless serious action is taken by the European people to limit and reduce the amount of benefits that non-integrating Muslims receive, than more and more will come expecting all of their needs to be paid for.

Welfare fraud is a real and serious issue that is even taking place in the United States and so these liberal programs need to be seriously investigated and limited. Europe’s leaders have sold their people out while taxing them ludicrously and then giving their money to Muslims who refuse to even learn the language.

Watch below as Muslims explain their plans to avoid paperwork and work in order to get access to looser benefit requirements

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