Waters Backs Up Rush Limbaugh’s Grave Warning To Trump, Really About To Happen?

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RWC News Waters Backs Up Rush Limbaugh’s Grave Warning To Trump, Really About To Happen?

Rep. Maxine Waters is still calling for Trump’s impeachment, even though each investigation produces no facts to support her claims regarding Russia.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has a long history of being wrong. No matter what the topic is, be it race relations or the agenda of the Tea Party, she can always be counted on to chose the side of the argument that is the most anti-American or least productive. She is one of the “brilliant minds” that think that could not have come up with the name “Crooked Hilary” without Putin, and uses this as one of her reasons for Trump’s impeachment. Never mind that Trump has made such quips his WHOLE LIFE, as seen in his books and TV shows, but to her, Putin did it.

Today we have learned that if nothing else, Waters is certainly not one to jump from topic to topic. When she finds a lie, she holds onto it with a death grip and is loyal to it. No amount of facts will deter her from the purpose of promoting said lie, either. That is why she is STILL calling for impeachment based on claims about Russian hacking and involvement in U.S. affairs even though they have all been disproven on every level of investigation so far. This is what Rush Limbaugh had warned about not even a full 24 hours prior.

RWC News Waters Backs Up Rush Limbaugh’s Grave Warning To Trump, Really About To Happen?

We can only hope that she means her OWN impeachment, someday.


Showing that she herself is quite “the lady of class,” she said that the President’s administration was a “bunch of scumbags” on MSNBC, disgracing herself further. When Priebus took the time to inform the nation of the facts about the investigation, Waters said that he had supported Trump during the campaign while he was making “outrageous statements.” This is particularly amusing because, as anyone can discover with a simple YouTube search, Priebus hasn’t always been an ally of the President. They actually have a history closer to Obama and Clinton in terms of iciness, nothing like the “two peas in a pod” relationship portrayed by Waters.

That said, was Priebus supposed to not support the nation’s leader who overcame so much to win from within his own party? Would Waters have been willing to forsake Hillary Clinton with her proven corruption if she had won and was still being investigated? That is what would have been the case, just as with Trump now. With Clinton, we have proof stacked to the ceilings showing her wayward legal dealings. With Donald Trump, we have only allegations made to slander him by those who know going into the affair that the President is innocent.

RWC News Waters Backs Up Rush Limbaugh’s Grave Warning To Trump, Really About To Happen?

Priebus (pictured right) has been accused by Waters of always standing by Trump’s side, but that has not been the case.

Waters also attacks former Trump team member Flynn by saying that he had a paid speech in Russia. This is hilariously used as his Russian “ties” to Trump’s “Kremlin crowd.” Beyond that, every contact with the superpower had been in the course of his job in the military and government. Someone had to talk to Russia, and since it was Flynn, then he is who she accuses.


By doing this, however, she MUST be saying that since Clinton had MANY speeches with the Saudi’s, and EVERYONE ELSE of questionable nature, that she too has “ties.” If speeches were “ties” for Flynn, who did it once, then how much trouble is Clinton in, considering that she did it a lot more? This observation from Waters should be mentioned when Clinton runs for NYC Mayor, as she is planning.

Waters went on to craft even more baseless statements such as, “My takeaways: is a liar & the FBI Director still has no credibility. He needs to also explain HIS interference in the election.” This again proves the opposite point from what she was aiming for, thus bringing the laughter level to the point of bringing tears from our eyes as we howl! What she just said was that Director Comey of the F.B.I. “interfered” with the election by rightfully investigating PROVEN wrongdoing by Clinton. Well then by the same token, are not the F.B.I. and the Democrats “interfering” with Trump’s role as President by distracting him with known lies? She just admitted, in a backwards way, that she is hampering the job that Trump can do by investigating.

RWC News Waters Backs Up Rush Limbaugh’s Grave Warning To Trump, Really About To Happen?

Putin has long said that his feelings on Trump on largely neural, but even THAT is not enough for Democrats who want a connection to be there.

She is hindering his progress, too. Waters cares more about TV limelight and a socialist agenda that she is infuriated to see dismissed by the American voters (“scumbags“) than in progress. She is more concerned with smearing our leader with false accusations rather than getting behind him. If she and her Party were to do that, maybe Putin and Trump can end this awful era with a handshake instead of a mushroom cloud. In four years, the Dem’s could say, “We helped Trump bring peace again to the world because we agree on that topic. We have never agreed on other topics and we now want our man/woman/? in office in place of him.” That would be a reasonable way to approach this, would it not?


Rather than agree to fight Trump on issues on U.S. shores, such as confused people in bathrooms and abortions that everyone pays for, she tweets things like “Read my full statement on today’s House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian active measures during the 2016 election. pic.twitter.com/V4cpvFmkS3.” Then she continues with her screed about Russia. Instead of blaming Putin or Comey, perhaps she should blame her own Party. It was her Party that undermined Sanders who, even many Trump supporters confess, could have won. Blaming Assange for exposing satanism and Saudi ties within Clinton’s corrupt camp, and not blaming them for the evil and sharia sympathy’s is the whole reason why America declined her offer to serve.

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So when Waters bickers on about the pro-Russian leaders in the Ukraine that people near Trump supported, just remember that she is leaving out that Crimea voted to become “Russian.” Should we have bombed them for their vote? Was that the humane answer? Those close to Trump supported their right to choose. It is the Ukraine’s fault that they had one side wanting to be taken into the EU to be “European,” and the other wanting to be again “Russian.” Perhaps if they had spent a little more time establishing and being “Ukrainian” instead, none of this would have happened. The Ukrainian government should have allowed open travel to Russia, free travel to the EU, and said, “don’t come back if you hate it.” From there, onward to being Ukrainian.

Before we snicker too much here, let us remember that we have people like Maxine Waters in our country, so we are not without ample levels of folly ourselves. If we keep wanting to be a great “United Nations member” before we are great Americans, then we may very well find ourselves in the same sinking boat.

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