What Science Has to Say Regarding Auras and Earth’s Electromagnetic Fields

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The human aura refers to an energy field that exists surrounding the human body, specifically in the form of a halo around the area of the head, representing our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This energy shifts and changes in direct relation to the current state of our being. For example, the energy will appear differently when we are angry as opposed to when we are feeling joyful.

Some define the aura as being an energy that can, using the right tools, be seen. They explain a light emanating from the body, it’s color and strength reflecting the individual’s current condition. Others describe a ‘feeling,’ describing an energy that can’t be seen but can be sensed or experienced. One thing that remains consistent throughout many of these descriptions is that the concept of the human aura is rooted in spiritual beliefs as opposed to the scientific world.

With the continued growth and advancement of the scientific world, scientists and researchers are making new discoveries each and every day, constantly reframing the way in which we view the world around us. One such discovery is the ability to support the existence of the human aura.

RWC News What Science Has to Say Regarding Auras and Earth’s Electromagnetic Fields
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Rather than viewing the aura as a culmination of spiritual energy, built, changed, collected and strengthened by our life experiences, scientists have revealed that the aura is an electromagnetic field. The body’s major organs emit electromagnetic energy of varying degrees, with the human heart emitting the largest field. As we experience various emotions throughout life, these shifts are reflected through the way that the field presents itself. This is the reason why people feel a change in their aura dependant on their emotional state.

In a study published in the journal ‘Consciousness and Cognition,’ researchers were able to explain the way that people visualize the aura in the region of the head, creating the appearance of a ‘halo’ as described above. Referred to as synesthesia, this occurs when the brain is cross-wired causing them to have more synaptic connections than the average person. Professor Gomez Milan, the lead author of the study, explains: “These extra connections cause them to automatically establish associations between brain areas that are not normally interconnected. Many healers claiming to see the aura of people might have this condition.”

Not only does this provide scientific proof for the existence of the human aura, this discovery also led to the exploration of the way that the aura is experienced by others and the world around us. Science often focuses on the way in which we are all interconnected, providing us with a clear understanding of how our actions can impact one another. This is also true when discussing the ‘human aura’ and the way that we are connected not only with other human beings but with the Earth as a whole. Dr Deborah Rozman, the President of Quantum Intech describes this connection as: “an alignment within and amongst systems – whether quantum particle, organisms, human beings, social groups, planets or galaxies. This harmonious order signifies a coherent system whose optimal functioning is directly related to the ease and flow in its processes.”

What does this mean for us? If you are looking to create a positive, happy world then you can start to effect a change simply by being happy and joyful as individuals. This was tested in a 1993 study in Washington, D.C. in which researchers studied the potential connection between crime rates and the use of meditation to spread joy, peace, and happiness. When a group of 2,500 practiced meditation with the intention of effecting this change it was recorded that the crime rate dropped a whopping 25%!

As Dr. Rozman describes: “Every individual’s energy affects the collective field environment. This means each person’s emotions and intentions generate an energy that affects the field. A first step in diffusing societal stress in the global field is for each of us to take personal responsibility for our own energies. We can do this by increasing our personal coherence and raising our vibratory rate, which helps us become more conscious of the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that we are feeding the field each day. We have a choice in every moment to take to heart the significance of intentionally managing our energies. This is the free will or local freedom that can create global cohesion.”

When focusing on the overall happiness of the world that we live in, we should direct our attention specifically on the happiness and joy of each individual member of the community. If all members are feeling content with their current situation, and focusing their positive thoughts on the larger, collective emotional state then we can effect change! In this way, we can actually ‘make the world a better place.’

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