What Would Happen If Every Single Nuke In The World Went Off At The Same Time?

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As technology has evolved over the years, so have our weapons. Nations all around the world hold the power to end it all simply by dropping a nuke.

But, have you ever wondered what would happen if all of the nuclear bombs around the world were detonated at the same time?

Nukes have the power the kill millions of people at a single time. But how could anything cause that much damage? Well, nukes essentially light the air on fire. I’m sure we can all imagine that to be pretty dangerous. The weapons are created by mixing chemical explosives, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is created by compressing nuclear materials. The fission releases massive amounts of energy in the form of x-rays, which cause the high temperatures and the pressure needed to ignite fusion.

Here comes the bad part – nuclear fusion. Although you don’t really experience that negative of a connotation of the word, this is an extremely bad thing to happen. Fusion works in reverse of the fission. The nuclei of certain heavy atoms split into smaller and lighter nuclei. A neutron is shot at the nucleus and is absorbed, causing instability and fission. In modern nuclear weapons, which use both fission and fusion, a single warhead can release more explosive energy in a fraction of a second than all of the weapons used during World War II combined!

The nuclear power countries of the world are the United States, China, Russia, North Korea, France, India, and Pakistan. Nuclear weapons will devastate all humanity, and they shouldn’t even be placed on earth, to begin with. If all of the nuclear bombs went off at one time in one place, it would be extinction. Within the first ten minutes of the bomb going off, anything electronic or satellite powered would be shut down all the way to the moon and back. In all honesty, if you were around the detonation, you probably wouldn’t even know what happened – as they travel at over 13,000 miles per hour.

RWC News What Would Happen If Every Single Nuke In The World Went Off At The Same Time?

A gigantic fireball would appear, 5.7 square kilometers (2.2 square miles) in size and reaching temperatures up to 83.3 million degrees Celsius or 150 million degrees Fahrenheit. After about 24 hours, the entire earth will be covered in radioactive dirt. This will block out most of the sunlight we have, which is very deadly. However, at this point, it is already unlikely that you have survived to see this. It has an anti-greenhouse effect causing everything to be frozen solid, year-round. Even the ocean.

RWC News What Would Happen If Every Single Nuke In The World Went Off At The Same Time?
Even if you were able to survive to this point, which is unlikely, you would not be able to live because there is no more ecosystem. Without sunlight, no vegetation can grow. Without vegetation animals have nothing to eat, so each species dies out one by one. So all begins with a ten-mile wide crater, the radioactive poisoning of all earthly materials, and the shutdown of everything electronic. This is followed by the surrounding of the earth by radioactive dust and dirt blocking out all sunlight. This would cause the anti-greenhouse effect which would result in a nuclear winter. Not just seasonal either.

If all the nuclear bombs went off, the nuclear winter would last up to 2000 years. This causes the entire earth to be frozen solid – even the ocean. Nuclear weapons are terrifying and I truly believe there should be an anti-nuke agreement around the world. I even think they should drop them off deep in space somewhere, or disassemble all of them!

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