“Worse Than I Thought”: New FBI Director SLAMS Agency As Comey’s Antics Revealed

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RWC News “Worse Than I Thought”: New FBI Director SLAMS Agency As Comey’s Antics Revealed

Newly Appointed F.B.I Director Christopher Wray

President Trump fired the Federal Bureau of Investigations Director, James Comey, back in May. With a recommendation written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Comey was accused of betraying the independent and nonpartisan aspect of his role within the Bureau.

The president then appointed Christopher Wray to the position of F.B.I. director shortly after. The Bureau as of lately has been riddled with scandals and the complete loss of trust from the American people, which led Wray to say the situation was “worse than I thought.”

It has been said that Director Wray is a very methodical man. However, he is going to need more than methodology if he is going to traverse the unelected bureaucracy from the last presidency. The swamp is dark as it is deep.


Wray said in a recent interview that both of the previous directors, Robert Mueller and Jim Comey, have let the Federal Bureau of Investigations be infiltrated by the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.

This would explain why previous cases handled by the F.B.I. have gone without success. This could be why Hillary Clinton’s email server investigation washed out with no indictment. Comey changed his infamous memo from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” at the last minute.

RWC News “Worse Than I Thought”: New FBI Director SLAMS Agency As Comey’s Antics Revealed

James Comey (pictured) mysteriously changed his wording on Hillary’s email server.

According to new information in the congressional investigation, last minute corrections are to blame for the change in phrasing. The difference between these four words could be the difference between 13 long steps and a short drop before a quick stop and being a candidate for leader of the free world.


The exact wording is very important. Gross negligence is the same phrasing in section 793 of federal statutes, which reads that a minimum sentence for this crime is 10 years imprisoned.

The change went unchallenged and unreported due to warring factions inside the agency itself. The state department and the Central Intelligence Agency are vying for power inside one of the most powerful organizations in the land.

There is an unelected force of people that hold and maintain a considerable amount of power over our politicians. The 7th floor cabal and mysterious Bilderberg groups have had a firm grasp on American policy.

RWC News “Worse Than I Thought”: New FBI Director SLAMS Agency As Comey’s Antics Revealed

Elite Groups Such as Bilderberg or the 7th Floor operate as a Deep State, Shadow Government


Over the past few years the bureau has become a tool used to extort and black mail legislators and people of power. Director Wray has noted misgivings about the level of trust and secrecy among his ranks.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is like a canary in a mine shaft. As long as he is alive the swamp is breathing. His wife had a political campaign that Hillary and many others contributed to.

Associates working on behalf of Hillary Clinton donated nearly $700,000 dollars to McCabe’s wife. This donation happened the same time McCabe was coincidently working on the Clinton’s private email server case.

McCabe, who is still acting deputy director, only holds his position because Director Wray finds it imperative not to create too many enemies all at once. He believes that there are enough people working against him without McCabe fighting him in a power struggle.

Wray has been director of the bureau for several weeks now and his overall assessment is grave. The Federal Bureau of Investigation functions even worse than one might have imagined or heard about.


One of his bigger working complaints is the fact that during the first 10 months of 2017 the agency had 6,900 encrypted mobile phones that they could get into. The encryption obstacle seems to be a real hurdle for the agency who prides themselves on being top notch lawmen.

Earlier this year the whistle blower publication, Wikileaks, gave us a huge dump of documents titled Vault 7. Vault 7’s objective goal is to reveal the level of collusion between tech industry and the Corporation.

RWC News “Worse Than I Thought”: New FBI Director SLAMS Agency As Comey’s Antics Revealed

WikiLeaks releases Vault 7, a batch of documents which reveal the extent of spying the NSA and CIA conduct on American citizens

The Central Intelligence Agency has extensive knowledge and, along with the National Security Agency, use what is called a zero-day exploit. This vulnerability is a backdoor written into the source code allowing for government penetration right out the box.

The Dark Matter publication revealed C.I.A. efforts to break into Apple products. Grasshopper and Athena, as well has several more techniques could be used as malware attacks against windows computers.

The C.I.A. has also amassed a giant library of these attack methods from across the world. These stolen methods, along with additional tools, used to obfuscate and deliberately change the digital location means the C.I.A. can make an attack appear as if Russia is the culprit.

With all these technologies and tools at the disposal of the federal government, our agencies won’t communicate or share with one another. This dog eat dog style of interagency rivalry could very well be part of what’s making Director Wray of the F.B.I. so mad.

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