You’ll Be Surprised Why Hillary Clinton Is So Happy That Matt Lauer Sexually Harassed Women

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RWC News You’ll Be Surprised Why Hillary Clinton Is So Happy That Matt Lauer Sexually Harassed Women

While most people are saddened to find out that a man sexually harassed women, this was not the case with Hillary Clinton and her followers after NBC’s Matt Lauer was fired. According to Hillary’s staff members, NBC and the media was really nice to Trump, but horrible to her because she is a woman. Now according to Hillary’s staff, this is a huge victory.

Peter Daou, Hillary’s former aide wrote the following: “Matt Lauer was fired today. One by one, we’re finding out the true character of the male journalists who treated Hillary Clinton (and her voters) with seething disdain.”

“I don’t think Hillary is gloating, because she’s not that person, and none of this is good for America. But I think she’s smiling at how fate is playing out.#Flynn #Mueller #TrumpRussia,” tweeted Daou.

Another former Hillary aide, and president of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden wrote “Another person whose interview with Trump was ridiculously soft and interview with Hillary was incredibly tough: Matt Lauer.”

What kind of world does Hillary Clinton live in to believe that the media is hard on her but easy on Trump? She most likely knows that isn’t true. But she is doing what she does best: lie. However, hundreds of Hillary fans agreed with Tanden’s tweet. “That Lauer interview with Hillary was so unfair and unprofessional that I was yelling at my TV half way through. He reeked of misogyny,” wrote one user in response.

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