You’ll Never Guess where this Hollywood Star says Her Moral Compass is? Here’s a Hint: It’s Gross!

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Hollywood starlet Cate Blanchett recently appeared on “the Late Show” with Stephen Colbert when she decided to deliver a little lesson on morality and anatomy, and it wasn’t G-rated. Blanchett’s answer to a simple question about morality and values is meant to be humorous but it really illustrates the vast chasm between the liberal left-coast elite and the rest of us here in red state flyover America.

A few days before International Women’s Day, when anti-Trump protesters planned to strike for “A Day Without A Woman,” actress Cate Blanchett said that her moral compass is “in my vagina.”

“It’s all about, as you move forward in life, what’s your moral compass — where does kindness and humanity sit in a really brutal world?” Blanchett, best known for her role as Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, said on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert Saturday.

Colbert asked her, “What is your moral compass? Where does kindness and humanity sit in a brutal world?”

“It’s in my vagina,” Blanchett quipped, as the audience broke out in laughter and applause. The actress then pretended to leave the set, as if she’d said all there was to say.

Blanchett’s statement was intended as a joke, but it arguably reveals the mentality of much of the “women’s movement” against President Donald Trump.

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