A man with a unique tattoo was arrested for attempted kidnapping.
A man with a unique tattoo was arrested for attempted kidnapping.
The suspect allegedly used a "looped zip tie device" to try to subdue a barista at Beankini Espresso in Auburn, Washington, police said.

The man was arrested after police shared a video of him trying to abduct the barista.

The incident happened at a drive-through window in the early hours of Monday. The suspect's name was not released by authorities.

In a chilling 9-second video clip of the encounter shared by authorities, the unidentified suspect can be seen extending his arm out from his truck's cab to collect change from the restaurant worker.

A Georgia man is accused of kidnapping a South Carolina woman. She was raped for months.

The man forcefully grabbed the employee as the barista reached towards the driver. The worker tried to affix a black zip tie device to his arm.

The video shows the pair struggling for a brief moment before the drive-through worker pulled her away from the driver and spilled money on the ground. The driver sped away.

Police shared the footage in hopes that the public could help identify the suspect. The alleged kidnapper had a unique tattoo on his forearm that could be seen in the recording. CBS News reported that the tattoo appeared to say Chevrolet.

The murder suspect told police. It was really sad. What happened to the victims?

The video received at least 2.6 million views on social media.

The quick arrest of the suspected abductor was aided by the overwhelming support from the residents of auburn, a small city of 85,000 people about 26 miles south of Seattle.

Law enforcement didn't immediately release a motive in the alleged kidnapping.

The Golden Globes win by Evan Peters was a riposte to the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer.

The staff at Beankini Espresso is wearing lingerie or bikinis and serving coffee drinks.

Insider reported that the victim, who hasn't been identified by officials, said the driver asked for change for a $5 bill after he paid for his drink. She said the incident began when she passed him five $1 bills.

She told Insider that he grabbed her.

The body was found in New Hampshire. In 1971 it was identified by DNA. As a missing Massachusetts woman.

The victim defended her employer, saying that the business has always fostered a professional and supportive working environment.

She said that the company has multiple safety guidelines and procedures in place for problematic customers which are not out of the ordinary.

She told Insider that they have metal doors and extra precautions for if someone tried to kick a door in. We have audio and video.

She said that the owner allows them to handle every situation in the way they feel comfortable.

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The barista was alone at the time of the incident.

"They are in vulnerable positions because they're usually controlling those spots by themselves at early hours when it's dark outside." This barista did a great job of fighting off this person.

There was no other information immediately available. asked the police department about the active case on Wednesday.


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