Arizona Man Charged With Sex Trafficking His Live-In Housekeeper After They Moved In Together
Arizona Man Charged With Sex Trafficking His Live-In Housekeeper After They Moved In Together
Steven Hurry hired a live-in housekeeper last May in California and then convinced her to travel with him to Arizona. There, he allegedly confiscated her identification, sex trafficked her and and assaulted her.

An Arizona man has been busted for sex trafficking his live-in worker after convincing her to travel to Arizona with him.

Steven Hurry, 61, is accused of sextrafficking his victim to multiple men, filming her sexual assaults without her consent, and confiscating her legal documents to prevent her from leaving. He was charged with a number of crimes, including sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual abuse, and assault.

Police were called to the home after a neighbor said Hurry told the victim he would hit her. According to KTVK, she was screaming.

The police department said in their statement that a man and woman were arguing outside of a home. Hurry was arrested near the scene after the woman told the officers that he had beenTrafficking her.

The Arizona Republic reported that authorities recovered more evidence that implicated Hurry in sex trafficking after his arrest.

Hurry hired the victim as a maid and she moved into his California home in May 2022, according to court documents obtained by Phoenix Fox affiliate KSAZ. She was asked to accompany him to Arizona for a money-making opportunity.

Hurry pressured the woman into posing for photos to allow him to post a classified ad offering her sexual services to other men, according to court records.

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According to court documents, she said she made $700 the first time she had sex with an unknown male subject. The victim's birth certificate, Social Security card, and other forms of ID and credentials were secured in a box after this.

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According to the Arizona Republic, the woman told police that Hurry would whip her on her genitals if she didn't place the money in the designated spot.

The victim moved to Scottsdale in late November, first living at a motel and then at anAirbnb, according to court records.

Police alleged that the accused created and posted ads containing the victim's photographs and advertising sex in the exchange of money, which included $350 per hour for full sex or a quick visit, 15 minutes, for $120.

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He is accused of filming about four to six forced sexual encounters a week with the woman and the men he brought her to. The Arizona Republic is reporting that the footage was found on a portable device.

According to court documents obtained by KSAZ, Hurry told his victim that he was having car trouble and suggested that she take the money she had earned that day to pay for it. She said she couldn't take anymore and wanted to leave. Hurry began threatening her after she failed to count the money from his last client.

Hurry put the victim against the refrigerator and lifted her up by her neck, making it hard for her to breathe. He forced her to perform a sex act in order to stop.

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He was arrested in the neighborhood after he left to fix his car.

The victim accused Hurry of raping her on Christmas Day.

The woman's marriage certificate, which she did not realize he had, was among the documents police found.

The police report stated that a written document laying out the details between master and slave was located in the computer bag. The document was not signed.

Hurry denied all of the allegations.

Hurry was released on bond on December 29, according to court records. His bond was set at $50,000 according to court records cited by the Arizona Republic.

According to court records reviewed by, his initial hearing is set for Thursday.


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