Ex-Connecticut Charter School CEO Gets Life For Kidnapping Four Women In 1984
Ex-Connecticut Charter School CEO Gets Life For Kidnapping Four Women In 1984
Michael Sharpe, 71, was convicted of attacking four women in their homes in June and July of 1984 in Windsor, Bloomfield, Middletown and Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

A man was sentenced to life in prison this week for abducting four women in 1984.

The Hartford Courant reported that Michael Sharpe was sentenced to 72 years in prison for his role in kidnapping four women decades ago. Judge Frank M. D'Addabbo imposed a minimum of 40 years behind bars on the defendants.

The four women would forever be haunted by theagonizing trauma the former charter school executive inflicted. The judge said that he was a predator.

D'Addabbo said that you fit that definition. A person who exploits others.

The man was convicted in November. He was found guilty of four counts of first-degree kidnapping and four charges of kidnapping in the commission of a felony. The string of abductions in Windsor, Bloomfield, Middletown and Rocky Hill, Connecticut, had gone unsolved for years, but recently he was tied to the kidnappings.

A Georgia man is accused of kidnapping a South Carolina woman. She was raped for months.

The impact a crime like this has is impossible for a state's attorney to say, WTIC-TV reported. The victims have relationships with other people for the rest of their lives.

The four survivors were identified as Jane Doe one through four. According to the Hartford Courant, a woman told the court that for the past 40 years, her life felt like being blindfolded.

During his trial, Sharpe claimed that he had forgotten about the kidnappings that occurred in the 1980s, even though he showed little emotion during his sentencing. He said he has no recollection of committing the heinous crimes.

The body was found in New Hampshire. In 1971 it was identified by DNA. As a missing Massachusetts woman.

He addressed his survivors in the courtroom.

Sharpe told his victims that he didn't know how he could have done something like that.

The 71-year-old said he would leave it up to the jury to decide if he was a monster.

They said I was. I have to live by that.

Four women in Connecticut in 1984 reported being blindfolded and sexually assaults inside their homes. All four victims said their attacker ate food from their fridges and left their faucets running.

The statute of limitations expired in 1989 and the old charter school CEO wasn't charged with sexual assault.

Over the years, leads dried up or failed to come to fruition as detectives hunted down clues as to who might have been behind the abductions of the four women. In 2003 he was identified as a possible suspect, but he wasn't arrested for years.

The four cold case kidnappings were solved in 2020, when DNA technology implicated Sharpe. The evidence collected from the crime scenes would eventually link him to the abductions. investigators tied him to the sexual assaults by recovering the swabs from his trash.

The jury was told at the trial that there was a 1 in 7-billion chance that the DNA belonged to someone else.

In all four kidnappings, Sharpe told his victims he had killed someone and needed a safe haven. According to the Courant, he claimed he needed money to get away.

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The first victim was a 25-year-old woman who lived at an apartment in Bloomfield. She told law enforcement that she had been sleeping in her bedroom.

According to an arrest warrant cited by New Britain NBC affiliate WVIT, the man placed his hand over her mouth and said he would shoot her and her roommate.

According to court records, Sharpe raped the woman, then lingered in her home for an undisclosed period of time.

The warrant stated that the person drank a beer from the refrigerator after disabling the telephone in the back yard.

The family of Sharpe attended the hearing. He apologized to the four women at his sentencing.

He told them in court that he didn't know what happened. I don't know. I am so sorry. So, so sorry. No one should ever come into your home and violate you. No one should ever do that.

WTIC-TV reported that the former executive of the Connecticut Charter School organization was Sharpe. The judge issued protective orders to each of his victims, prohibiting him from having any contact with them.


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