Houston Elementary School Teacher Allegedly Shot By Man She'd Been Dating For A Week
Houston Elementary School Teacher Allegedly Shot By Man She'd Been Dating For A Week
Charvas Thompson was arrested in Louisiana for the Texas murder of third grade teacher Wendy Duan, who was shot to death in her backyard on Saturday night.

Police have made an arrest in the murder of a teacher.

The Sugar Land Police arrested Charvas Thompson in Shreveport, Louisiana on Wednesday for the murder of Wendy Duan. previously reported that police were called to Duan's home on Saturday night in response to neighbors' reports of gunshots.

Duan was found in her backyard with gunshot wounds. She died at the scene.

Police say that there was no one else in the house when they arrived.

The witnesses told police they heard an argument before the shooting.

"Detectives quickly identified Thompson after interviewing witnesses at the scene, reviewing nearby video and confirming his vehicle from license plate recognition cameras in the area," they wrote in their release.

Texas executed people. A former cop was convicted of hiring hitmen. It took nearly 30 years for this to happen.

They say the two had only been dating for a week before they had an argument and Thompson shot Duan to death.

The shooting was a domestic violence incident and police knew who he was. An arrest warrant for murder was issued on Sunday and his bond was $500,000, according to police.

According to jail records reviewed by, Thompson is currently being held in the Caddo Parrish Correctional Center waiting to be extradited to Texas.

According to court records reviewed by, Thompson was out on bond in Harris County at the time of Duan's murder. He was arrested on May 1, 2022, for assault on a female family member. An order of protection was given to her. He was due back in court on January 23.

According to court records reviewed by, he was arrested in May of last year for stealing two jackets from Macy's. He pleaded guilty and received a deferred adjudication, which he discharged in August 2019.

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Duan was a third grade reading and language arts teacher at Boone Elementary School in Houston, part of the Alief Independent School District.

The press release was obtained by Houston CBS affiliate KHOU. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Her neighbors were sad at her passing.

Thomas told KHOU that she's very young and vibrant. We're all sad about it.


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