'I Never Realized Such Evil Existed': Former Playboy Model Sentenced For Psychiatrist's 2019 Murder
'I Never Realized Such Evil Existed': Former Playboy Model Sentenced For Psychiatrist's 2019 Murder
Prosecutors say Kelsey Turner helped beat 71-year-old Thomas Burchard to death with a baseball bat when he allegedly threatened to cut her off financially. 

A one-time model will spend the next 10 to 25 years behind bars for her role in a child psychiatrist's murder.

According to ABC Las Vegas, Turner was sentenced Tuesday for her role in the death of Thomas Burchard, who was beaten to death. Turner acknowledged the state had enough evidence to convict, but she maintained her innocence.

After she serves 10 years of her sentence, Turner can go up before a parole board.

Turner and Burchard were in a romantic relationship, with Turner footing the bill for his Las Vegas apartment. Turner was living in Salinas, California, when the doctor paid for her rent.

A former Playboy model has entered. A guilty plea. The death of a 71-year-old Psychiatrist was Beating. She had been close to him.

Turner was threatened to lose his money after Burchard flew to Las Vegas to end the relationship. Turner made accusations that were false, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Blood, cleaning supplies, a broken door, and other evidence were found at Turner's home. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the towels found at Turner's residence matched the ones found in the victim.

Earp knew that he would not leave his patients without making arrangements.

The body was found in New Hampshire. In 1971 it was identified by DNA. As a missing Massachusetts woman.

Earp told KLAS-TV reporters that Turner stole $300,000 from Burchard by printing fraudulent checks from her home computer and making online purchases.

Earp said he never realized that evil existed in this world. I don't want to worry and look over my shoulder if she is granted parole.

Diana Nicole Pena told a grand jury that Turner hit the victim with the bat while Turner egged him on.

In June, Pena pleaded guilty to accessory to murder.

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According to a court memo obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, attorneys for Jon "Logan" Kennison referred to Turner as a "master manipulator".

According to records,Logan's error in judgment was becoming entangled with a master manipulator. He was in love with her as well. It was a crime of passion for Logan to kill someone. Turner was the reason he fueled him. Her calls for bloodlust sealed Dr. Burchard's fate.

Kennison was sentenced to up to 45 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

Turner was a model who had appeared in magazines. According to the Review-Journal, she was in talks to appear in the WE TV reality series, "Love After Lockup."

Turner faced life in prison if she had not entered the plea.


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