L.A. Prosecutors To Retry Actor Danny Masterson On Rape Charges
L.A. Prosecutors To Retry Actor Danny Masterson On Rape Charges
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office told the court today that it would retry "That '70s Show" actor Danny Masterson after one jury already deadlocked on the charges against him in November.

Danny Masterson, star of the TV show "That's Show," will be retried on rape charges after a jury couldn't reach a verdict in his first trial.

At the Tuesday hearing, Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo rejected a defense motion to dismiss the charges.

Despite prosecutors failing to get half of the previous jury to vote to convict Masterson, who is charged with the rape of three women, including a former girlfriend, at his home between 2001 and 2003 the move has been made.

Two of the three women and the husband of one said in a joint statement that they are pleased that Danny Masterson will not be allowed to escape criminal accountability. We are committed to participating in the next criminal trial despite suffering years of intimidation and harassment.

Danny Masterson left the Los Angeles superior Court with his wife after a judge declared a mistrial in his rape case.

The Associated Press doesn't usually name people who have been sexually abused.

The re trial will start in late March.

The 46-year-old Masterson had no comment to reporters outside court after Tuesday's hearing, and his attorney did not respond to an email requesting comment.

His lawyer said the acts were consensual.

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Masterson and three other women former members of the Church of Scientologists were involved in the trial. The church has denied prosecutors' claims that it discouraged them from going public.

Masterson was at the height of his fame, starring from 1998 until 2006 as Steven Hyde on Fox. That ’70s show. The show made stars of many people, including Topher Grace.


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