Man Accused Of Wife’s Christmas Eve Murder Allegedly Told Father The Victim Took Her Own Life
Man Accused Of Wife’s Christmas Eve Murder Allegedly Told Father The Victim Took Her Own Life
Investigators say they found a blood-stained letter in which Christopher Colbert allegedly claimed he and his wife, Tamara Colbert, "had a fight" and "were not doing well," while denying involvement in her shooting death. 

A Pennsylvania man is accused of fatally shooting his wife and leaving a blood-stained letter denying his involvement.

The Cumberland County District Attorney's Office said that Christopher Colbert is charged with multiple crimes in connection with the death of his wife. Officials believe Mr. Colbert shot his wife in the head during a domestic violence dispute at their home in Enola.

Records show that Christopher Colbert is charged with a number of crimes.

The father of Mr. Colbert called the police in Pennsylvania when he heard about the situation at the home. The father requested a welfare check after he said his son sounded irrational, emotional and not completing sentences. The father reported that his son claimed his wife had taken her own life.

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Police found Mr. Colbert in the backseat of a vehicle that was parked in a garage at the home. A bloody footprint was found on the floor of the garage, as well as a 9mm Sig Sauer handgun.

Cumberland County District Attorney's Office.

They found Colbert lying on her back in the bedroom. There was a letter in the living room.

Mr. Colbert allegedly wrote that he loved Tamara more than anyone else. She was my world, and I ruined it. I am so sorry. I did not kill her. We had a fight. We weren't doing well.

The criminal complaint states that Christopher Colbert was too drunk to give a coherent statement and that he had alcohol on his breath.

After giving the suspect time to sober up, investigators asked if he knew if Mrs. Colbert was okay.

Police are searching for a missing Virginia dad. The family found a big amount of blood. The car is abandoned.

Mr. Colbert told police that she was not. We wrestled after she unlocked the gun safe. I need a lawyer.

He admitted to having an argument with his wife.

Police found a knife on the kitchen floor after Mr. Colbert brandished it. Mrs. Colbert ran upstairs to get a gun safe, fearing for her safety. The couple wrestled for the guns before they discharged, according to authorities.

The death of Mrs. Colbert was ruled a homicide because she was shot on the top of the head and there were signs of internal strangulation.

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Mr. Colbert tried to cover his tracks by removing his pants and moving his gun into the garage.

There is no specific reason for the killing.

The Colberts got married in February, according to PennLive.

The victim was Jewish and died on the seventh night of Hanukkah, just days after her 39th birthday, according to a woman purporting to be Mrs. Colbert.

I will always think of her as a talented red-headed girl. The woman posted that she was smart, kind and beautiful.

The District Attorney's Office said that Christopher Colbert was denied bail and remained at the Cumberland County Prison. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 12.


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