Missing Texas A&M Student Tanner Hoang’s Body Found In Austin On Christmas Eve
Missing Texas A&M Student Tanner Hoang’s Body Found In Austin On Christmas Eve
“Tanner was loved by so many,” a spokesperson for 22-year-old Tanner Hoang’s family said after his body was found.

It is not clear if an autopsy has been completed. The cause or manner of Hoang's death hasn't been released.

Police are searching for a missing Virginia dad. The family found a big amount of blood. In an old car.

His car was found abandoned near a hiking trail, according to CBS News. The public had previously been asked to help find the missing man.

On Christmas Eve, a statement was posted on the family's Facebook page that said, "Tanner is now in the arms of his Savior, King, Prince of Peace, Joy, and Healer." They feel God's love for them through the overwhelming support. They know that many people loved him.

According to an NBC News report, Hoang was last seen at an apartment complex in College Station, Texas.

His family had traveled to College Station, the home of Texas A&M, to attend his graduation the week he vanished. He failed to attend a pre-graduation meal with his family. He failed to meet the requirements to graduate after he went missing.

"I think I was thinking that this is not characteristic of him," the uncle said. He's there when we have family gatherings. He's never been this way before. I was surprised by it.

A skull has been found. In the wilderness of Montana. It was nearly 50 years ago that Hitchhiker was identified as belonging to Wisconsin. Who took it? In 1976.

The college student vanished on the morning his father said he had sent a text to. Shortly thereafter, he fell off the map after purchasing gas at a Caldwell filling station using his debit card.

Chuck Fleeger, the executive director of the amber alert network, told Austin television station KTBC that the family had come to town for a happy occasion. It's kind of a nightmare for a family when a loved one is missing.

The case is still open.

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The Austin Police Department has been contacted by

Flower Mound is northwest of Dallas. He was studying at Texas A&M. His father was one of a number of his relatives who attended the school.

"Tanner always wanted to go to Texas A&M and went to football games there." When you got there, you made some great friends, and that's what I mean. He loved the place. He loved the people.


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