South Carolina Grandma's Body Found In Goodwill Clothing Bin, Police Probe ‘Suspicious’ Death
South Carolina Grandma's Body Found In Goodwill Clothing Bin, Police Probe ‘Suspicious’ Death
The cause or manner of 47-year-old Lesley Lemoine’s death hasn’t yet been released by Kershaw County officials.

The suspicious death of a South Carolina woman whose body was found in a rusty clothing donation bin on New Year's Eve is being investigated by authorities.

On Wednesday, officials confirmed that the corpse that was found in the clothing donation bin was that of a missing woman. A person made a gruesome discovery after smelling a foul odor from the donation bin. Lemoine was last seen in the middle of March.

Lemoine's remains were positively identified after an autopsy. The family has been notified. Lemoine's cause and manner of death have not yet been released. The possibility of foul play is being considered by authorities.

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Lee Boan, the sheriff of the county, told on Monday that there was no update on the incident at this time. We are still investigating this as a suspicious death and are following up all leads as they come in. The cause of death is still under investigation.

Boan said that the results could take weeks or months.

The body of Lemoine was decomposing in the donation bin for months. The coroner said that the bin had VHS tapes and hadn't been emptied in years. Officials thought the deceased person had been in the metal clothing bin.

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The daughter of Lemoine Gates told the Charleston daily newspaper that her mother had not been checked in a long time. It makes me angry.

Gates said she last saw her mother. She said that Lemoine had been homeless for some time and was known to drift in and out of touch. The two were not on good terms according to the report.

I would like to be more uplifting. I wish I could say "I love you" and " I'm here for you." Gates said something. I wish I could have told her she was more than she is.

The family has set up a gofundme to help pay for Lemoine's funeral. The campaign had raised over $6,000 by Monday afternoon.

No other information was released by law enforcement.

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Boan said that they would continue to offer their support and prayers to the family.

According to her obituary, Lemoine was a free spirit that loved Jesus and had a good time. The mother and grandmother attended high school together. She graduated with medical billing and coding certification. Lemoine had struggled with addiction for a long time.

She was a friendly soul who would give you the shoes off her feet if you needed them, but she had her demons as well. Lemoine's obituary was published. She is free from her disease and home with Jesus.

Anyone with information about Lemoine's death is urged to contact the sheriff. You can submit tips by email at [email protected]


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