Educator Claims “White Power” Forced On Society Through ‘Civility,’ Response Incredible

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RWC News Educator Claims “White Power” Forced On Society Through ‘Civility,’ Response Incredible

Mark Nook is the president of Northern Iowa University where this ridiculous study took place.

Two liberal college professors from the University of Northern Iowa, Kyle Rudick and Kathryn Golsan, have conducted a study and come to the conclusion that civility on college campuses is white informed civility and was created to serve whites.

The study has been labeled, Civility and White Institutional Presence: An Exploration of White Students’ Understanding of Race Talk at a Traditionally White Institution. This is a part of the new Critical Whiteness Studies programs found on college campuses. Critical Whiteness Studies serve to help some virtue signal through self-loathing, and attempts to shame others who will not engage in their ridiculous notions.

They have labeled civility “whiteness informed civility” and drawn some outlandish conclusions. For instance, white students who feel bad after the indoctrination of schools shaming whites for their race have said they make an extra effort to be nice to minorities. From this, the study draws the conclusion that this behavior only serves to promote “White privilege” and “White racial power.” Ben Shapiro brilliantly debunks white privilege in the short clip below.


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It gets more ridiculous. Treating everyone the same way was labeled as a means to create “good white identity.” Students who try to avoid talking about race, treating it like politics or religion, are labeled “race evasive.” Student who say they treat everyone the same “functions to erase racial identity in an attempt to impose a race-evasive frame on race-talk.”

American Universities are succumbing to liberals turning our higher education system into a laughingstock. This study is a reflection of the anti-white sentiment being peddled by race baiters. It serves to help the left as they attempt to create a generation of victims and develop a hierarchy of victim-hood.

Kyle Rudick is an assistant professor at the college, his profile on the University of Norther Iowa website reads, “I am a critical communications scholar who studies how power, privilege and oppression are constructed and marshaled through everyday communicative performances.” The man has made a career out of teaching students born in the greatest country on the planet, students who are afforded the opportunity to go to a university to study, that they are victims.


RWC News Educator Claims “White Power” Forced On Society Through ‘Civility,’ Response Incredible

Kyle Rudick is an assistant professor at the University of Northern Iowa.

Kathryn Golsan is a PhD candidate. Universities are awarding PhDs for those who engage and perpetuate junk science. The study they have conducted is intellectually dishonest and no one should be rewarded for creating this type of propaganda. In Golsan’s self-righteous delusions reality has been lost on her.

Rudick’s and Golsan’s degrees serve no purpose other than teaching future generations of students who cycle through their classes how to either be victims or hate themselves. These degrees probably cost the two over $100,000 and most likely were subsidized by tax-payers. Now they’re on publicly funded campuses infecting others. Your tax dollars at work.

America has a history of racism and it would be foolish to deny this. The problem is, this study does nothing to address any one particular racist hurting minorities. It does nothing to demonstrate how any one particular institution is racist. Its sole purpose is creating tension where there is none, and imply people should take offense when none is meant.


RWC News Educator Claims “White Power” Forced On Society Through ‘Civility,’ Response Incredible

Kathryn is a PhD candidate at the University of Northern Iowa according to their website.

College campuses have been taken over from the administration down by liberals who manufacture outrage. The purpose of the “It’s okay to be white” poster campaign was to draw attention to this manufactured outrage. Liberals took the bait too, hook line and sinker. The innocuous message created a flood of liberal tears across America.

The poster campaign also achieved the goal of exposing education institutions for their anti-white bias. University of Kansas Student Body President said, “It is shameful that anyone would use these posters to promote a racist agenda.” Universities across the nation universally tore them down and some schools even alerted the police.

The study conducted by Rudick and Golsan will undoubtedly produce results counter to what they are trying to achieve. No one in the center will move further left because of their conclusions, however, many will find the study and move further right in an effort to distance themselves from the joke the left has become.

I want to thank both Rudick and Golsan, because in the culture war, the left has become the greatest recruiting tool for the right.

RWC News Educator Claims “White Power” Forced On Society Through ‘Civility,’ Response Incredible

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