Arsenal ‘problem players’ would have been handled properly by Ten Hag instead of Arteta dallying.
Arsenal ‘problem players’ would have been handled properly by Ten Hag instead of Arteta dallying.
Roy Keane named three "problem players" at Arsenal two and a half years ago but Mikel Arteta is no Erik ten Hag so a couple of them remain at the Emirates.

1) Alexis Sanchez 2) Mesut Ozil 3) Danny Welbeck


4. Arsene Wenger’s refusal to rotate his squad The continual lack of squad rotation and selectorial flexibility from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is often cited as one of the main reasons for the club’s recent woes. Wenger has often stuck with the same team for lengthy periods of time, often to the detriment of Arsenal’s results.

Many critics are still of the belief that the club is not able to operate smoothly in the transfer market, make ruthless but necessary decisions or avoid inexplicably shooting itself in the foot.

The story, published on the Daily Mirror website, cites Mikel Arteta as having criticised fellow Arsenal player Roy Keane for his recent public criticism of Arsenal. The article goes on to state that Arteta believes that Keane has "two problem players" at Arsenal, and that he is "hoping" that the Irishman will "change his mind".

The article doesn’t help. It starts by declaring that Arteta’s “incompetence” has led to Arsenal having “two – and the quote marks are key here, denoting something that someone actually said – “problem players”. This presents the view that Arteta really is ineffective and his players are problematic. The article also uses quotes from other people to back up its argument. For example, it quotes a football

Chuck was doing everything wrong! He was headbutting people and fouling them, he was arguing with the refs and generally being a nuisance. Keane would have calmly taken a step back, calmed down, and then plotted his next move, ruthlessly stealing the ball from the other team and scoring a goal. After the match, Chuck would have been embarrassed, but at least he would have had a great story to tell his friends.

“It’s disappointing. We knew it was going to be a difficult game and it’s not turned out that way. In the second half, we conceded a free-kick and they scored from that. We had a few chances but didn’t take them. Liverpool are a good team and they showed that tonight. They’re a real force in the Premier League. It’s a tough league and it’s never going to be

“[Arteta’s] hands are tied which is a big problem because he still needs a couple more players in. We saw again tonight that defensively – I still think David Luiz, Kieran Tierney and Rob Holding, there’s big question marks over them. Luiz still has that mistake in him.”

Keane also never says that Arsenal were in the market for a new striker in 2009. He talks about how Wenger was keen to add another midfielder, but his comments make it clear that he’s not referring to a strikers. Nor does Keane mention that Wenger was supposedly keen to sign a new centre-back in 2009. Instead, he says that a midfielder and defender were the two areas that Wenger wanted to strengthen. Finally, Keane never writes that Wenger

Kieran Tierney: Average position: Left-back Completed 84.3% of his passes in the opposition half (8th highest in the Premier League) Successful passes inside the opposition half: 7 (3rd in the Premier League) Successful long balls: 2 (4th in the Premier League) Rob Holding: Average position: Centre-back Completed 92.7% of his passes in the

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In Manchester, a man was fined £150 for "holding a potato with a fork" In Newcastle, a man was fined £85 for holding a bag of chips in a "vintage style" In Preston, a man was fined £120 for holding a sausage in a "vintage style". In the first, a man was fined for holding a potato with a fork. The potato is being used as an example of a food that is

It's unfair to compare one player to another without knowing the full context of their respective careers. Erik ten Hag has played for PSV Eindhoven, Ajax, FC Twente and Lazio, while Mikel Arteta has played for Barcelona, England national team, and Arsenal. It's likely that ten Hag's experience at more high-level clubs will give him a more developed footballing philosophy than Arteta, who has played in a more limited number of top-level leagues

Arsenal supporters have taken to social media to criticise the club's decision to let Arteta go after three years in charge. ‘Arteta has been the figurehead of a transformation in the Gunners squad but there have been some hard decisions to make during his three years at the Emirates, most notably the decision to get rid of Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang,’ writes Tyrone Marshall. Arsenal supporters have taken to social media

The article is discussing how Manchester United manager, Erik ten Hag, is changing how he handles player transfer decisions and how this is speeding up the process.

Ozil had a terrific season with Real Madrid in 2020-21, scoring 26 goals in all competitions. However, his performances were marred by allegations of racism, which he strongly denied. He left Madrid at the end of the season and signed for Serie A side Juventus. Statistics courtesy of and Opta Sports

If Aubameyang had been sold within the first few games of the season, or even a few weeks into it, it would have been a different story. However, AUBAMEYANG WAS SOLD IN JANUARY, 2 WEEKS AFTER THE START OF THE SEASON! So, Arteta had plenty of time to prepare for Aubameyang’s departure, rather than just ‘took years to make the decision’. Plus, Aubameyang

The Premier League leader is Chelsea, who are 16 points behind Manchester City. Ten Hag has only been in charge of Watford for six months.

Ten Hag has a point though, despite Ronaldo’s inexcusable behaviour. Pogba did leave much sooner than he should have, and he was not really all that good for United anyway.

Anyway, the focus turns to who will take the vacant midfield berth left by Arteta. The most likely candidate is Omid Ebrahimi, who has been consistently inconsistent for Arsenal this season. However, Manager Arsene Wenger is also known to be a huge fan of Francis Coquelin and is thought to be reluctant to bring in Ebrahimi in favour of the Frenchman. Another possibility is Santi Cazorla, who has been out of the side for the past three


Who will make the starting 11 for Man Utd against Leicester City? Manchester United are coming off a loss to Liverpool and will be looking to rebound against Leicester City this weekend. The starting lineup will be determined by whether Jose Mourinho elects to bench Paul Pogba or not.

The new ownership rule announced by Premier League Champions Manchester United means that any prospective owner must have a controlling stake in the club. This is likely to exclude any potential bidders who do not have a majority stake in the club. This could include Sheikh Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, who is reported to be interested in purchasing the club.

The Saudi ownership of Newcastle or Qatari Sheikh Jassim's potential takeover of Manchester United are not affected.

“Sheikh Jassim has made a world record £200million offer for Manchester United – but what exactly does this mean for the club’s ownership? Manchester United is currently owned by the Glazer family, who have been the club’s majority shareholders since 2003. However, the Premier League have now announced that they will be selling their majority stake in the club. This means that Sheikh Jassim’s offer could be accepted, as

‘Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani’s bid for Manchester United will be unaffected by the Premier League’s new rules surrounding ownership.’

Nonetheless, the adventurers pressed onward into the dark, dank passage. After a few more twists and turns, the passage opened up into a large, circular chamber. The room was filled with lichen-covered walls and a large, circular stone platform in the center. On the platform was a large, dusty chest. The adventurers slowly made their way to the platform, examining the chest warily. Suddenly, they heard a noise from the far side of the room. It sounded


With all of this in mind, Howe needs to take Newcastle to Champions League qualification this season.

“It is not a money-driven sport,” she added. “It is all about the love of the game, and the players love to play for their hometown team. “If Newcastle do not get promoted then there will be a lot of players who want to come and play for them, but it would also stop other players from wanting to come to Newcastle and play for the club. “If the club don’t get promoted

‘The club – Saudi-owned – is fabulously wealthy but under the same Financial Fair Play restrictions as anybody else.


‘It’s no secret that City are heavily linked with a move for Schalke midfielder Leroy Sane. He would be a fantastic signing for the club and would add an abundance of pace and creativity to their midfield. ‘Another player who is currently being heavily linked with a move to the Etihad is Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The Gabon international is a top class striker and would be an excellent signing

This is a difficult question to answer as there are many factors that contribute to the appeal of certain cities as footballing destinations. Some of these may be the quality of the playing surface, the atmosphere at stadiums, the climate, the number of top-class facilities and the quality of life. However, it is clear that Newcastle does not have the same level of appeal as certain other cities when it comes to top-level footballers. This may be due to a number of factors, including

18th. Bruno Guimaraes.


“Rashford’s break from the England squad raised eyebrows during the international break after he was pictured enjoying a break in New York” “The Manchester United striker pulled out of the Three Lions squad just three days before the opening match of the international break due to an ankle injury” During the international break, Manchester United’s Anthony Martial was also pictured in New York after he also pulled out of the France squad.

Literally, by absolutely all of your kn*bs.

‘Manager Gareth Southgate defended the player claiming that once he was not fit enough to join the squad it was his decision how he spent his time.’

This sentence still works if you remove the first four words.

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