Can Leicester stay up? Odds, scenarios for Foxes to avoid Premier League relegation
Can Leicester stay up? Odds, scenarios for Foxes to avoid Premier League relegation
Can Leicester City avoid relegation and stay in the Premier League?

Top-flight safety for 2015/16 Premier League champions Leicester City seems in serious doubt unless a specific scenario unfolds on the final day of the 2022/23 season.

The Foxes no longer control their own destiny with one match remaining in the campaign. They will be watching closely what happens in the Everton vs, Bournemouth matchup, where they need the Toffees to drop points.

It's a sorry state for a team that not a decade ago shocked the world with the most improbable title triumph in English top-flight history.

Now, they are in real trouble of being consigned to a place in the Championship next season, forced to face a summer of uncertainty with players likely to come and go en masse. The Sporting News brings you a full look at what Leicester need to remain afloat in the Premier League for at least another season.

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Odds for Leicester City relegation

With Southampton the only team already certain of the drop, three other clubs remain at risk and there are two spots to fill.

Everton seem the safest as they have the most points on the board — two more than Leeds and the Foxes — but the situation for the Toffees is complicated by them having an inferior goal difference to Leicester to the tune of six goals. 

However, Everton know that a final-day win over Bournemouth would guarantee their safety at the expense of their relegation rivals.

Premier League table: The bottom four

*Standings correct as of Monday, May 22, 2023. Relegation probability via FiveThirtyEight.

Pos Team Points Matches
Next Match Relegation
17. Everton 33 37 33 -24 vs. BOU, May 28 23%
18. Leicester City 31 37 49 -18 vs. WHU, May 28 82%
19. Leeds United 31 37 47 -27 vs. TOT, May 28 95%
20. Southampton - R 24 37 32 -37 vs. LIV, May 28

Premier League latest relegation odds 2022/23

Here are the latest relegation odds available at the various sportsbooks around the world.

Odds current as of Monday, May 22.

(Sky Bet)
Leeds United -3000 1/33 1.03
Everton +300 10/3 4.00
Leicester City -700 1/7 1.14

What do Leicester City need to stay up?

Leicester must jump ahead of both Leeds and Everton in order to survive.

In order for that to happen Leicester not only need to win their final game, but they also need Everton to drop points at home to Bournemouth. 

How Leicester can stay up

  • Everton draw or loss vs. Bournemouth AND
  • Leicester City win vs. West Ham

The Foxes have the goal difference edge (-18) against both Everton (-24)  and Leeds United (-27) which means they would finish above them should they finish level on points.

There is a wild scenario where a Leeds United win over Tottenham by 11 goals would see them revert that goal difference edge, but it's safe to assume that won't be happening.

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