Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich issued an apology on Friday after a banner at Stamford Bridge was tweaked to read "Ted Lasso.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich issued an apology on Friday after a banner at Stamford Bridge was tweaked to read "Ted Lasso.
Boehly, who rarely posts on Twitter, replied saying the new ownership “had nothing to do (with) these arrangements” and that a deal with Apple TV was struck at the start of 2022.

  • There is much to be cheerful about at Borussia Dortmund following their 2-1 victory over Bayern Munich on Saturday, with the club now in fourth place in the Bundesliga standings. However, while the victory was valuable in its own right, there is no need for Dortmund to be glum given that they have no reason to be down despondently at this juncture.
  • Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville had a heated exchange on Monday night after the former Liverpool defender argued Harry Kane shouldn't have been sent off for a challenge on Abdoulaye Doucoure.
  • Reports in L'Equipe today suggest that a legal separation is "almost certain" between Lionel Messi and Paris Saint-Germain. The newspaper cites "a close source" as saying that the pair have been living separate lives for some time and that the decision to go their separate ways has been made. L'Equipe does not mention any specific reason for the split, but reports that the decision has been made is surely enough to stir up plenty of interest.

Roy Kent is a fictional former Chelsea player returning to the club.

Chelsea supporters need to be careful that they don’t fall into the same trap as Liverpool supporters. Continuous change and reliance on a foreign owner will take its toll. — Neil Barnett (@BarnettNNeil) September 26, 2018 Chelsea have plenty of young talent but they also need to stop chasing first division titles every season and invest in their squad. Some of the players Chelsea have signed this season are not good enough. — Neil Barnett (@BarnettNNeil) September 26

Boehly also tweeted a link to a Bloomberg article that reported "Apple is in exclusive talks to acquire the company." As of publication, Boehly’s tweets have been deleted.

The family of Ray Brooks, the Mesa man killed by a self-driving Uber car in March, released a statement on Wednesday apologizing for the “pain and heartache” their son’s death has caused. “We are sorry it affected so many and mostly we care about Ray and his family,” Boehly said in his reply.

Families of players that have departed the Cavaliers in recent weeks expressed displeasure with the team’s decision to waive Jordan McRae and Cory Joseph, two players that were with the club for part of last season. “It’s hard when they do something like that and you’re one of the players they let go,” Jordan McRae said Tuesday. McRae and Joseph were part of the Cavaliers’ summer-

The club is expected to address the situation in due course.

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