EA Sports FC 24 gameplay: What new features will be in the game?
EA Sports FC 24 gameplay: What new features will be in the game?
EA Sports FC 24 gameplay: What new features will be in the game?

The first edition of EA Sports FC — the franchise formerly known as 'FIFA' — will be hitting the market soon.An international release date of September 29, 2023 has been set, with fans already able to pre-order the game.The Sporting News takes a look at some new additions and gameplay tweaks set to be included in FC 24.MORE: New tech, women's football at the heart of EA Sports FC 24HyperMotion V improving player detailsEA Sports have introduced a new volumetric capture technology for this year’s game.Named HyperMotion V, it uses artificial intelligence to extract data directly from match footage.Previously, players were brought into studios and wore skin-tight motion capture suits to have their movement analysed before inserting it into the game.FC 24 instead uses video from the Premier League, La Liga and both the UEFA Men’s and Women’s Champions League to create a highly detailed experience.“Now we have access to the best players in the world competing at the highest possible level, and that gives us basically the top of the top in terms of motion,” senior producer at EA Sports, Sam Rivera, told The Sporting News.“And when you put that motion in the game, the game right away starts feeling more tactical, more authentic and better replicates what happens in real football.”For previous editions of the game, EA Sports would spend several hours manually updating movements for individual players.This new technology, however, enables them to tap into a larger amount of data and improve player details.Multiple gameplay adjustmentsA few notable tweaks have been made to the FC 24 gameplay. Passing has received some key adjustments, with key features including ‘Precision Passing’, ‘Swerve On Demand’ and ‘Headers On Demand’.‘Precision Passing’, in particular, will reward players when successfully aiming at a target location with manual precision. Attacking transitions will be boosted by the addition of ‘Effort Dribble Touch’, which allows you to knock the ball ahead to set up your next touch.When it comes to defensive improvements, ‘Advanced Defending’ will enable players to specifically select what action they want to launch with an alternate layout of buttons.New zonal defence tactics have also been added, with a high risk-high reward outcome for those who choose to mark higher up the field.Signature skills implemented via ‘PlayStyles’A significant addition to FC 24 is ‘PlayStyles’, which are signature skills given to certain players.When a player is assigned one of these styles, they unlock particular abilities on-field.Certain defensive PlayStyles will enable a player to control a ball quicker after a tackle, while some attacking players will have the velocity of their shots increased.Some players will be awarded multiple styles — notably, Erling Haaland, who has been confirmed to have Power Header, Acrobatic Shot and Power Shot abilities.Women included in Ultimate TeamThe recent FIFA Women’s World Cup has propelled women’s football to new heights, and EA Sports have made notable efforts to align with these developments in their newest game. Their fresh volumetric capture technology enables male and female players to be represented in-game to the same level of detail.Female players have also been included in the Ultimate Team game mode for the first time ever, allowing users to create sides that combine the best male and female talents. Naturally, this move has raised questions regarding the implementation of different physical and skill attributes. Rivera is confident users will enjoy crafting sides on Ultimate Team that feature both male and female players.“[Male and female players] will have different advantages in terms of gameplay … if you have two players, one male and one female, if they have the same attributes, the same height and the same weight, they will behave exactly the same. So there's no difference,” he told The Sporting News.“Of course, there are tendencies for women in multiple cases to be lighter, but that means they will be good at different actions - they can be more agile, faster, and more explosive. Upgrade player skills on Ultimate TeamAnother change made to the Ultimate Team game mode is the ability to ‘train’ players and improve their OVR (overall rating). In previous editions, a player’s rating would stay the same as they are sold and bought between players.Now, you will be able to train select players and boost their OVR. EA has also confirmed that the design of Ultimate Team cards will be customisable this year.

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