Hatzidakis stood down while FA investigates Robertson incident in Liverpool vs Arsenal match.
Hatzidakis stood down while FA investigates Robertson incident in Liverpool vs Arsenal match.
Constantine Hatzidakis will not officiate in any matches while he is being investigated for an apparent elbow on Liverpool’s Andy Robertson.

Hatzidakis has been alleged to have thrown an elbow that hit Liverpool’s Andy Robertson in the face during the Premier League match between Liverpool and Hull City on November 3, 2017. The full match referee, Mike Dean, was also aware of the alleged elbow and will not be officiating any matches while Hatzidakis is under investigation.

The Greek international was shown a red card by referee Bobby Madley and Robertson was subsequently booked for his part in the altercation. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insisted after the game that he did not want to lose Hatzidakis, who he described as a "massive loss" for the Reds. "It was a passion offence. He loses his cool and that's it," Klopp told reporters after the game. "It doesn't mean anything [about his future],

The PGMOL released a statement in response to the allegations against Hatzidakis. "The Premiership is extremely disappointed to learn of the allegations made against Constantine Hatzidakis. We will await the outcome of the FA’s investigation before taking any further action. "The PGMOL operates with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and we will continue to do so in the future. We would like to thank our individuals and clubs for their ongoing support."

The incident led to a quickfire response from referee Martin Atkinson and UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Body (C&DC), who issued warnings to both managers. "I can confirm that I reached out to both managers and warned them about their behaviour," Atkinson said. "It was clear from my observations that there was contact made between the players, so I took the decision to issue a warning to both managers. "It is important that both managers know that such behaviour

With the game poised at 1-1, the winger sprints down the right flank before cutting inside of the defender and sending a dangerous drive towards the bottom corner. However, Hatzidakis' sublime finish was controversially ruled out for offside, depriving Robertson of his 10th goal of the season. Robertson was visibly frustrated by the decision, venting his anger towards Hatzidakis in the tunnel.

“I think it [the review] would be a pretty serious matter. He [the head of the PGMOL] takes allegations of serious misconduct very seriously.” The BBC reports that the Metropolitan Police is investigating allegations of sexual assault and assault. According to The Telegraph, the woman who made the allegations against Fayed denies that they transpired while they were both working together at the BBC.

” This is a difficult question to answer because it would be difficult to know the full story behind the incident. It is possible that the victim felt unsafe because of the environment or security. It is also possible that the victim had a personal grievance against the suspect. In either case, it is important to remember that violence is never justified, no matter the reason.

FIFA have responded to the incident. "FIFA can confirm that it has opened proceedings against Colombian referee Jhonny Capello following his behaviour towards the Mexican player Carlos Vela in the 69th minute of the Mexico v Colombia match at the FIFA World Cup. FIFA takes against any improper behavior by match officials and will take appropriate action following the investigation."

Halsey told talkSPORT: "He [Robertson] needs to be punished for his behaviour. He's been brought in to be a referee and to provide an impartial stance and he's proven himself to be anything but that. "He needs to be held accountable and if he's found to have committed any offence then a ban from officiating is the most likely punishment.

“Aleksandar Mitrovic received an eight-game ban for pushing a referee – and rightly so,” she wrote. “We should all be outraged when our sports stars behave in this way. They have a responsibility to represent us with class and respect.” In a separate article for the paper, Halsey proposed a “code of conduct” for professional athletes. “There needs to be a code of conduct that

“Robertson staggers back and Hatzidakis advances on him with a closed fist. Robertson raises his arm to block the blow and they both fall to the ground.” Halsey added: “The victim appears to be on top and the aggressor seems to be on bottom.” Hatzidakis was charged with third-degree assault, a felony, and two counts of domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Robertson was

I think he may have felt disrespected because the assistant referee was not giving him the same level of attention as the other players on the pitch. It is possible that Robertson felt that he was not being given a fair go and was trying to address the situation. From the video, it does not appear as if he did anything to provoke the assistant referee.

“Fans need to be patient as these things can take time to investigate, but I hope that the linesman is cleared of any wrong doing.”

Concerning the referee’s first offence, the referee is guilty of misconduct if they are found to have subjected a player to any kind of physical or verbal abuse.

“The PGMOL is investigating the matter and will take appropriate disciplinary action.” Robertson appeared to glare at Hatzidakis, who responded with a gesture of his hand. Arsenal eventually won the match 3-2. It is not yet clear what disciplinary action the PGMOL will take against either player.

This statement leaves the clear implication that they are not going to take any further action in regards to the game and the players involved.

The Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp slammed pundits for their reaction to Karius' mistake in their 3-1 loss to Manchester City. Karius, who was making his first start of the season, spilled Phil Foden's shot in the first half and then compounded the problem by flapping at Leroy Sane's backpass in the second half which allowed Sergio Aguero to score a hat-trick. The Liverpool manager was asked about the mistakes by reporters

Neville is correct. An elbow to a player constitutes an act of violent conduct and could lead to a suspension or even dismissal from the game.

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Keane said: "He's a big baby. He's had a great career but he should have known better." Robertson was given a three-match suspension, but was allowed to play in the Scottish League Cup Final. Keane added: "I think he got a three-match suspension and I think that was a bit harsh."

“He is not fit for the Premier League. I think Bournemouth are a better side than Spurs and he has no pace. He is a big, big defender and if you are going to be a defender in the Premier League, you have to be able to defend.” Keane also went on to say that Robertson is a “static defender” who can’t keep up with the pace of the Premier League.

“I'm just concentrating on my defending and I'll take care of the rest.”

“I think that it’s really important that players and officials respect each other and that there’s a bit more respect,” Toone said. “It would be really nice if we could all just get along and not get too angry with each other. That would be really great.”

Asked about the incident, Mourinho said: "The players know the stakes, they know that we are playing for Champions League football, a place in the competition and the feeling is the most important thing." Asked about the incidents leading up to the handshake, Mourinho said: "It was a situation where I think the players felt aggrieved, frustrated and threatened." Asked about whether he would have handled the situation differently, Mourinho added: "I cannot answer this question.

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah was one of the stand-out performers in the Premier League this season. The Egyptian scored 44 goals in all competitions, and helped Liverpool to the Premier League title. However, Liverpool were not the only side to benefit from Salah's performances - several other clubs also went on to win titles this season. Here are the Premier League winners and losers as a result of Mohamed Salah's outstanding season... Liverpool Premier League


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