If Man City win Champions League does 5th place in Premier League qualify for UCL? Here's what happens
If Man City win Champions League does 5th place in Premier League qualify for UCL? Here's what happens
If Man City win Champions League, does a 5th Premier League team qualify?

Manchester City host Real Madrid in the second leg of their 2022/23 Champions League semifinal with designs on winning their first UCL title.The match at Etihad Stadium is all to play for after the first leg finished 1-1. Kevin De Bruyne and Vinicius Junior got on the scoresheet for their respective sides at Santiago Bernabeu.Pep Guardiola's side are also four points clear at the top of the Premier League, with a game in hand, too, after challengers Arsenal capitulated over the past two months.The Sporting News looks at what a Champions League title for Man City would mean for the Premier League and qualification for Europe in 2023/24.MORE: What Man City lineup will Pep Guardiola pick against Real Madrid?What happens if Man City win the Champions League?Man City have never won the Champions League before, but they could achieve a historic treble if they secure the European crown. The Premier League and FA Cup trophies are also up for grabs for Pep Guardiola's men.Winning the 2023 Champions League would mean that Man City would earn the invitation to compete for two other trophies.Next season they would face the champions of the Europa League for the UEFA Super Cup on August 16, 2023 at Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus, Greece.The Citizens would also qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup involving the champions of several world regions, including Europe. The competition will take place in Saudi Arabia between December 12-23, 2023.Can 5th Premier League team qualify for Champions League?A Champions League winner automatically gets a chance to defend their title the following season, and Man City would get that chance if they win the 2023 final.But if Man City win the English Premier League or at minimum finish within the Premier League's top four — which they are already guaranteed to do — they also automatically qualify for the next edition of the Champions League.But if they win the Champions League, the extra spot available does not simply go to another team in the Premier League. The team that finishes in 5th place in the Premier League will not earn a spot in the Champions League.According to the European governing body's tournament rules, if a team wins the Champions League and also qualifies for the Champions League based on domestic league finish, the unfilled spot goes to a different country that does not already have a direct berth in the group stage (Ukraine).MORE: Newcastle eye Champions League spot: Last time it happenedHow 5 English teams can make Champions LeagueAlthough it is unlikely, there are two ways that a maximum five English teams can qualify for the Champions League.The first instance is when a team that finishes outside the top four in the league wins the Champions League. For example, if Chelsea had won Europe's elite trophy in 2022/23 while finishing in their current league position, they would be the fifth team in the Champions League alongside the clubs which finish in the top four.The other possible way for five English teams to make the Champions League is for a club outside the top four wins the Europa League. Winning the Europa League grants automatic qualification for the Champions League group stage in the following season.

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