When is San Siro closing? Milan and Inter stadium to be replaced
When is San Siro closing? Milan and Inter stadium to be replaced
When is San Siro closing?

The San Siro will soon cease hosting Italian giants Inter and AC Milan after 96 years of footballing action.

The iconic stadium has hosted a number of games for the Italian national team along with four Champions League finals, most recently in 2016 when Real Madrid beat Atletico on penalties.

The venue was also used for one boxing match in 1960, a rugby union game between Italy and New Zealand in 2009, and concerts by the likes of Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, and Michael Jackson.

But it's days are numbered, as the Sporting News explains here.

When did San Siro open?

Construction of San Siro began in 1925 before it officially opened in September 1926. It was originally owned by AC Milan as president Piero Pirelli wanted a stadium near the horse track he owned.

The first match at the stadium saw Milan lose 6-3 to Inter in front of 35,000 spectators. After initial redevelopments in the early 1950s, the capacity of the venue was increased to 85,000 prior to the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

A museum was opened inside San Siro in 1996 to showcase the history of both Milan and Inter. It features trophies, souvenirs, shirts and more to highlight the journeys of the two clubs.

When is San Siro closing?

In June 2019, the two Milan sides announced their intentions to leave San Siro and build a replacement nearby due to financial reasons.

The official closing date was due to be in 2024, when the demolition was set to begin, but circumstances have changed. RedBird Capital Partners bought Milan and stated that they want to get on with the new stadium, but Inter are experiencing money problems under the ownership of Steven Zhang.

Due to these reasons, there is no clear indication as to when the stadium will close as it could be in use for a few more years.

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What will happen to San Siro?

Although San Siro was set to be demolished, this is now being debated. Due to its historical significance, many people want to the stadium to remain in tact so they can continue to visit the landmark.

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, has asked for the venue to remain open until 2026 so that it can host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics opening ceremonies.

There is a good chance that San Siro will not be demolished, despite both Milan and Inter opposing this outcome. There should be a lot more clarity on the situation after the end of this current campaign.

Where will AC Milan play after San Siro closes?

In December 2021, a joint project with Inter was approved as they were set to move into 'The Cathedral' in the same area as the San Siro. Since then, reports have suggested that Milan are looking to build their own stadium in a different location.

The new owners are prioritising a new stadium for their side that is smaller in capacity, but more modern than San Siro. At first they wanted to try and renovate their current home, but it they realised it would not be possible to do so.

Milan would like to resolve this issue sooner rather than later so they can begin their new project and become more financially stable.

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Where will Inter Milan play after San Siro closes?

Inter moved into the stadium two decades after Milan, but they are hoping to continue their partnership with their rivals.

CEO Alessandro Antonello said he remains confident in building a new stadium with AC Milan and after all the hard work that has already gone into the project, it would take a lot to give up on this idea.

He also stated that Inter have a plan B in place in case to protect the interests of both the club and the fans. This could involve a stadium of their own or renting a different one. 

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