Why do Man City fans boo the Champions League anthem? Reasons for UEFA protest
Why do Man City fans boo the Champions League anthem? Reasons for UEFA protest
Why do Man City fans boo the Champions League anthem?

Manchester City face the biggest game in their history on June 10 as Pep Guardiola's side take on Inter Milan in the 2022/23 Champions League final.

City's lack of a Champions League title looms large over Guardiola, despite his dominance of the Premier League, after losing out to Chelsea in the 2021 final.

Guardiola's charges have already secured a Premier League and FA Cup double this season and a clash with Simone Inzaghi's Inter in Istanbul is the final step.

City fans are expected to travel to Turkey in their thousands but they will be packing their long standing UEFA objections for the trip.

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Why do Man City fans boo Champions League anthem?

Man City's booing of the Champions League anthem before home games has developed into a regular feature in recent seasons.

The current motivation behind the protest is mixed between perceived unfairness of UEFA's handling of FFP charges against the club and long-held anger over a lack of apathy from Europe's governing body on a range of issues.

Some City supporters trace the boos back to the 2011/12 campaign, after being frustrated by UEFA's call to only fine Porto, over a section of their fans racially abusing former City star Mario Balotelli.

That was followed by annoyance at City being fined for the team arriving late for the second half of a Champions League game against Sporting Lisbon in the following season, and restrictions on City fans travelling to a CSKA Moscow game, due to home fans being banned from the stadium, in 2013/14.

However, the main point of objection comes from UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) investigation into City in 2014, due to their transfer spending, with the club handed a £49m fine.

Manchester City fans booing the Champions League anthem before tonight’s game against Real Madrid pic.twitter.com/nBNtUIlZ9C

— Football Away Days (@FBAwayDays) May 17, 2023

That was followed by frustration over UEFA changing the terms of banning orders at opposition stadiums, including Dynamo Kyiv, at short notice, to the inconvenience of travelling City supporters.

UEFA opened up a fresh FFP investigation into City in 2019, which has since been dropped, but City fans feel they have been unfairly singled out.

As the UEFA anthem starts up at the Etihad sections of fans will boo the song while the player are lined up.

Will City fans boo at the 2023 Champions League final?

City fans have voiced their anger at Champions League away games, but not with the same velocity as in Manchester, and there will likely be some form of protest in Istanbul.

Despite fans being focused on the final, there will likely be a smattering of boos at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, as the protest continues.

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UEFA and Premier League FFP charges

UEFA's two FFP investigations into City's transfer spending and financial charges have been concluded but they will continue to observe City's fiscal operation in the coming years.

However, the club are embroiled in an ongoing and high-profile Premier League FFP debacle, after being hit with 115 charges of alleged financial wrongdoing in February.

The majority of the allegations relate to revelations from the Football Leaks exposé of 2018, which saw City handed a two-year ban by UEFA, only to have that verdict overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The case remains under review, with the Premier League referring the charges and their own investigation to an independent panel, with City offered the chance to put their case forward, as part of the process.

Pep Guardiola wants the 115 Premier League financial charges against Manchester City to be dealt with "as soon as possible".#BBCFootball pic.twitter.com/gntg25rbMa

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) May 24, 2023

The key charges relate to alleged misrepresentation of financial remunerations paid to one of their managers and a lack due diligence towards UEFA's own FFP rules.

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