Are Rob Pelinka and Rob Lowe related? NBA fans amazed by how much Lakers GM looks like actor
Are Rob Pelinka and Rob Lowe related? NBA fans amazed by how much Lakers GM looks like actor
Fans amazed by how similar Rob Pelinka and Rob Lowe look

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka's trade deadline moves look more brilliant by the day as the Lakers continue to roll through the playoffs. If Los Angeles turns what looked like a lost season into a championship, it's pretty obvious who would play Pelinka in the movie. 

Pelinka looks very similar to actor Rob Lowe, something fans started noticing when he joined the Lakers' front office in 2017. Anyone who forgot Lowe was Pelinka's doppelganger was reminded during Game 1 of the Lakers' playoff series against the Warriors, when the two were both in the building and sitting courtside. 


— Lakers Lead 1-0 (@LakersLead) May 3, 2023

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Rob Lowe vs. Rob Pelinka

You can see the uncanny resemblance. Fans were shocked that cameras finally caught the pair in the same room. 

Rob Lowe look like Rob Pelinka just woke up

— Mr. Boddie (@boddie815) May 3, 2023

Rob Lowe looks like an alternate timeline version of Rob Pelinka that never traded for Russell Westbrook.

— Sam Quinn (@SamQuinnCBS) May 3, 2023

Why does Rob Pelinka look more like Rob Lowe than Rob Lowe?!

— Anthony Garcia (@SportsAnthony) May 3, 2023

At this point, would anyone notice if Lowe took over and started calling the shots for the Lakers? 

Are Rob Pelinka and Rob Lowe related?

Pelinka and Lowe are not related in any way. The similarities between the two stretch beyond just their appearance, though. Lowe tweeted in 2014 that he had been a Lakers fan for 35 years and had season tickets for a decade. 

The coincidence isn't lost on Pelinka. The Lakers GM told Ernie Johnson in 2020 that he and Lowe actually pranked the franchise's season ticket holders by swapping places at an event during the 2018-19 season. 

"[Lowe] walked out onto the sage and started talking. And all of the season ticket holders just assumed it was me talking," Pelinka said. 

Pelinka also said he jokingly congratulated Lowe after the Lakers signed LeBron James in 2018. 

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While there's no family connection between the two, Pelinka's stardom has a chance to come close to Lowe's if his aggressive moves produce another championship for the Lakers.

Los Angeles didn't even wake up with a winning record until April 1, but after their 2020 title run happened behind closed doors, all of the stars - including Lowe - want to be a part of this Lakers playoff run. 

Rob Lowe's brothers

Pelinka has no relation to Lowe, but Lowe does have three brothers of his own.

He has two half-brothers, one on his paternal side and one on his maternal side. Justin Lowe is the son of his father, while Micah Dyer is the son of his mother. Dyer carved out a career as a producer and served as a senior producer for "The Bachelor" from 2009-2014. 

Lowe has one full brother named Chad Lowe. Chad is an actor himself, primarily appearing on television more than in movies. Some of Chad's credits include police investigation dramas, including "Law & Order," "CSI: Miami," and "Bones." 

Pelinka and Lowe can't claim the same genes, but it wouldn't be inaccurate to say the Lakers GM could easily pass as the actor's lost sibling. 

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