Damion Lee's game-winner to lead Suns over Mavericks creates hilarious reaction from brother-in-law Stephen Curry
Damion Lee's game-winner to lead Suns over Mavericks creates hilarious reaction from brother-in-law Stephen Curry
Damion Lee's game-winner creates hilarious reaction from brother-in-law Stephen Curry

Six months after the Mavericks handed the Suns one of the most embarrassing Game 7 losses in sports history, dropping the No. 1 seed by 33 points in Phoenix, the two teams were scheduled to open the new season against each other.

The matchup was highlighted by a budding rivalry between Devin Booker and Luka Doncic, with Phoenix looking to take revenge on Dallas for an uneasy playoff exit.

The Mavericks appeared to be on their way to a similar routing as the last time the two teams met, leading by as much as 22 points in the second half. Instead of rolling over and taking another ugly loss, the Suns made a late push to cut Dallas' lead to just five points heading into the fourth quarter.

In a game where Doncic finished with 35 points and Booker finished with 28 points, you'd assume one of those two young stars would take the headlines, but there was a different supporting character who played the hero in this revenge game.

Damion Lee — in his debut as a member of the Suns — called game.

Lee only scored 11 points on the night, but all 11 came in the fourth quarter. He buried three 3s in the final frame — one to keep the game within striking distance, one to cut the Mavericks' lead to one with under four minutes to go, and one to extend Phoenix's lead to four with under two minutes to go.

The Mavericks tied things up with 32 seconds remaining, giving the Suns a chance to win the game and Lee capitalized, knocking down a contested fadeaway jumper to win the game.

DAMION LEE WINS IT FOR THE SUNS! #KiaTipOff22 pic.twitter.com/675SPXQjcC

— NBA (@NBA) October 20, 2022

Lee, who is married to Stephen Curry's sister, Sydel, had his brother-in-law going crazy watching his clutch fourth-quarter performance.

🔊Sound on for Steph’s reaction to Damion Lee’s game-winner! #KiaTipOff22 pic.twitter.com/uvP1JChnj9

— NBA (@NBA) October 20, 2022

"The kids are asleep, I don't care! Big win!," Curry screamed as his wife, Ayesha, tried to remind him his children were already in bed.

"I'm sorry, Canon's crying. I woke him up," Steph said of his youngest son before he got back to cheering on his family member. "There we go, D-Lee!"

"Welcome to The Valley baby," Lee put it simply after stealing a win from the Mavericks.

The Suns new addition may have just rid the franchise of whatever type of curse Dallas had over Phoenix.

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