How TikTok star Eric Decker infiltrated Lakers' arena by posing as Austin Reaves
How TikTok star Eric Decker infiltrated Lakers' arena by posing as Austin Reaves
TikTok star impersonates Austin Reaves to sneak by Lakers security

Los Angeles is the city of stars. And one of its brightest this NBA season has been Austin Reaves. The Lakers guard has earned legions of admirers for his slick handles, confident shooting stroke and defensive versatility.

It's that skillset that has earned him impersonators, too. Case in point: TikTok star Eric Decker, who decided to put his striking (?) resemblance to Reaves to the test.

Decker doesn't really look like Reaves, outside the fact that they're both white and kinda tall. Nevertheless, Decker made the most of his moment in the spotlight, spending who knows how much money to rent the car Reaves drives.

He added to the drama by sporting Reaves' "most common pregame outfits" — a sweatshirt, sweatpants and a "too small" facemask — and donning brown contact lenses.

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Check it out:

he snuck into the stadium as Austin Reaves

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) May 10, 2023

In layman's terms, he was doing the most. But Decker was able to slip through security undetected. Because who would expect someone to try to impersonate Austin Reaves?

Ultimately, Decker's journey ended at the player entrance. He opted against trying to take the court a la Fake Klay Thompson, instead settling in the Arena bleachers. That should keep him from being saddled with a lifetime ban, as was the case for Fake Klay.

Nevertheless, Decker's masquerade was a clout chaser's dream. Or maybe a nightmare. It's tough to tell in this capitalist hellscape. One thing's for certain though: he'll have to try a little harder next time.

Was it worth it for all the likes? You be the judge.

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