Ja Morant All-NBA and supermax contract: How voting results impact future career earnings with Grizzlies
Ja Morant All-NBA and supermax contract: How voting results impact future career earnings with Grizzlies
How All-NBA snub impacts Ja Morant's contract with the Grizzlies

There are usually a number of players who are impacted more by the end-of-season award results than most.

Ja Morant is one of those players this season.

While Morant is almost a year removed from signing a maximum extension with the Grizzlies, the amount he will earn over the next five seasons was tied to him meeting certain criteria in 2022-23. It wasn't the only way he could maximize his earnings, but his best shot at doing so was making an All-NBA Team.

Now that we know Morant missed out on an All-NBA selection, here's what it means for his future earnings.

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How All-NBA voting results impact Ja Morant's future contract

Morant and the Grizzlies agreed to a five-year extension prior to the 2022-23 season that was projected to be worth a total of $194 million. Because he signed a designated rookie extension, his contract would increase in value from $194 million to $233 million if earned one of the following in the 2022-23 season:

  • Most Valuable Player award
  • Defensive Player of the Year award
  • All-NBA selection

Morant finished seventh in MVP voting in the 2021-22 season, but he earned only one fifth-place vote for the award in 2022-23. The Grizzlies finished this season with the third-best defensive rating in the league, but Morant's teammate Jaren Jackson Jr. was the main reason for their success and was awarded DPOY.

That left All-NBA as Morant's last hope.

Morant's averages of 26.2 points, 8.1 assists and 5.9 rebounds per game on the No. 2 seeded Grizzlies made him a worthy All-NBA candidate this season, but the six guard spots went to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Luka Doncic (First Team), Donovan Mitchell and Stephen Curry (Second Team), and De'Aaron Fox and Damian Lillard (Third Team).

According to Spotrac's Keith Smith, this is the year-by-year breakdown of Morant's extension compared to what it could have been had he made an All-NBA Team:

Season Because Morant didn't make All-NBA If Morant had made All-NBA
2023-24 $33,500,000 $40,200,000
2024-25 $36,180,000 $43,416,000
2025-26 $38,860,000 $46,632,000
2026-27 $41,540,000 $49,848,000
2027-28 $44,220,000 $53,064,000
Total $194,300,000 $233,160,000

Ja Morant career earnings

The No. 2 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, Morant has earned $39.6 million through four seasons of his NBA career. His career earnings will increase to $233.9 million at the end of his extension that kicks in next season.

Season Salary
2019-20 $8,730,240
2020-21 $9,166,800
2021-22 $9,603,360
2022-23 $12,119,440
2023-24 $33,500,000
2024-25 $36,180,000
2025-26 $38,860,000
2026-27 $41,540,000
2027-28 $44,220,000
Total $233,919,840

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