LeBron James flopping video, explained: Lakers star offers denial, gets trolled by Warriors' JaMychal Green
LeBron James flopping video, explained: Lakers star offers denial, gets trolled by Warriors' JaMychal Green
JaMychal Green trolls LeBron James over flopping comments

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr wasn't too pleased with what he perceived as continued "flopping" by the Lakers during Game 4. He called Los Angeles "a team that plays with a lot of gamesmanship," adding that "they understand how to generate some calls."

Those comments clearly didn't go over too well with the Lakers, with coach Darvin Ham telling TNT's Chris Haynes during Game 5, “We don’t teach flopping” after a no-call on Dennis Schroder's coast-to-coast layup attempt. 

The lopsided free throw count between the two teams paints somewhat of a picture on the stat sheet, but with the Lakers spending most of their time at the rim and the Warriors launching threes, the disparity doesn't seem too off. 

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Through five games, the Lakers have attempted 118 free throws, while the Warriors have just 68.  

LeBron James' response to flopping claims

Lakers star LeBron James echoed Ham's sentiments following Game 5, hitting back at Kerr's remarks.

"I just know that we, our coaching staff and us players, we don't work on flopping," James said following the 121-106 loss on Wednesday.

"That's not even a part of our game. Our game is to attack, attack the paint. We don't mind physical contact. We actually like the contact and we don't shy away from it, so we're just not a team that goes out there looking for flopping opportunities. 

"That's just not us. It's never been — it's actually never been any team that I've played on in my 20 years, where we've been a flopping team. But it is what it is, they have their right to say what they want to say."

"We don't work on flopping."

LeBron echoes Darvin Ham's comments about gamesmanship pic.twitter.com/HPx0DQAj9H

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) May 11, 2023

JaMychal Green's response to LeBron James

Warriors forward JaMychal Green chimed in on the debate postgame, trolling LeBron by posting an image of James rocking a 'cap' emoji to his Instagram story from his postgame press conference.

Not exactly subtle. 

JaMychal Green via Instagram. 👀👀👀👀 pic.twitter.com/GFS7biafOL

— snoop🇸🇴🥂 (@ayyogeoo) May 11, 2023

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Kerr calls out foul on Draymond Green

Kerr's initial comments were mainly in reference to an illegal screen called on Draymond Green with 3:29 remaining in the fourth quarter of Game 4, calling out Lonnie Walker IV's perceived theatrics. 

You can be the judge here. 

what a flop by Lonnie Walker pic.twitter.com/4i7Nm9c3zZ

— Tedd Buddwell 🏀🏈 (@TedBuddy8) May 9, 2023

"Really, really a tough call for us," Kerr said of the call on Green.

"Tough call. I mean, it's a blatant flop. He just takes a dive, and the ref bought it. Like I said, you give 'em credit, but you lament the fact that, as a league, we're going to reward that type of play with the game and the series, all that stuff at stake. You would hope that the officials would recognize when a guy just takes a dive."

Lakers vs. Warriors schedule

The Warriors and Lakers have only one day off between Games 5 and 6.

If Golden State defeats Los Angeles in Game 6, Game 7 would be played on Sunday, May 14.

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Date Game/Result Time (ET) TV channel
May 2 Lakers 117, Warriors 112 10 p.m. TNT
May 4 Warriors 127, Lakers 100 9 p.m. ESPN
May 6 Lakers 127, Warriors 97 8:30 p.m. ABC
May 8 Lakers 104, Warriors 101 10 p.m. TNT
May 10 Warriors 121, Lakers 106 10 p.m. TNT
May 12 Game 6 10 p.m. at Lakers ESPN
May 14 Game 7* TBD at Warriors TBD

*If necessary

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