Victor Wembanyama highlights: Putback dunks, one-legged shots and more from No. 1 prospect in 2023 NBA Draft
Victor Wembanyama highlights: Putback dunks, one-legged shots and more from No. 1 prospect in 2023 NBA Draft
Victor Wembanyama highlights show why he's No. 1 prospect in NBA Draft

Last year, the Magic stunned the NBA community by selecting Paolo Banchero as the No. 1 overall pick. This time around, there won't be any surprises at the top of the draft board.

Regardless of which team wins the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, Victor Wembanyama will be the first name that Adam Silver announces on draft night. The French big man is considered the best prospect since LeBron James, who has called Wembanyama "an alien."

Even if you aren't a professional scout, it's easy to see why franchises are so excited about the idea of bringing the 19-year-old to their city. Just watch a few of Wembanyama's highlights, and you'll be ready to hop on the hype train.

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@thesportingnews Who will be lucky enough to land Wemby? The NBA Draft Lottery is finally here 👀 @Victor Wembanyama #nba #draftlottery #wemby ♬ original sound - The Sporting News


Victor Wembanyama highlights

Victor Wembanyama one-legged 3-pointer

This Victor Wembanyama bucket is TOUGH ‼️

Watch him live now on the NBA App:

— NBA (@NBA) November 4, 2022

Victor Wembanyama block and 3-pointer in transition

Big block ➡️ stepback 3

Wemby is COOKING in Q3 on the NBA App.


— NBA (@NBA) December 6, 2022

Victor Wembanyama getting it done on both ends


— NBA (@NBA) December 17, 2022

Victor Wembanyama spin move and finish

This move from Wemby in the clutch 🤯

— NBA (@NBA) February 4, 2023

Victor Wembanyama from way downtown


Watch #NBADraft prospect @vicw_32 and @Metropolitans92 in action on the NBA App

— NBA (@NBA) February 10, 2023

Victor Wembanyama with elite rim protection

Wemby blocks ➡️➡️➡️

Watch live on the NBA App

— NBA (@NBA) March 14, 2023

Victor Wembanyama putback dunk off his own miss

Putback dunk off his own stepback 3 🤯

— NBA (@NBA) April 2, 2023

Victor Wembanyama dominates first quarter


14 PTS - 9 RBDS - 3 BLOCKS - 2 PDS ET 23 D'ÉVAL lors du 1er QT pour Victor Wembanyama 😱#BetclicELITE #LNBextra @Metropolitans92

— LNB (@LNBofficiel) May 9, 2023

Victor Wembanyama drills pull-up jumper

Wemby handle & pull-up 👀

Watch LIVE in the NBA App:

— NBA (@NBA) May 12, 2023

Victor Wembanyama stats with Metropolitans 92

Wembanyama is currently averaging 21.6 points per game for Metropolitans 92 in France's LBN Pro A league.

  • 21.6 points per game
  • 10.5 rebounds per game
  • 2.5 assists per game
  • 3.1 blocks per game
  • 0.7 steals per game
  • 2.6 turnovers per game
  • 32.3 minutes per game
  • 46.8 percent shooting
  • 28.3 percent 3-point shooting
  • 83.7 percent free throw shooting

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