What is the NBA Playoffs single-game 3-point record? Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson headline list
What is the NBA Playoffs single-game 3-point record? Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson headline list
Who has made the most 3-pointers in an NBA Playoffs game?

Only two players in NBA history have ever made 10 or more 3-pointers in an NBA Playoffs game.

No, Stephen Curry isn't one of them.

Curry has come close a couple of times, but his Splash Brother and Damian Lillard find themselves at the top of the record books for 3-pointers made in a single playoff game. Klay Thompson broke the record in 2016 with one of the most iconic performances in NBA history. He held onto it for a few years before Lillard one-upped him.

Records are made to be broken, but surpassing Lillard's single-game 3-point record in the playoffs certainly won't be easy.

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What is the NBA Playoffs single-game 3-point record?

Damian Lillard holds the record for most 3-pointers made in a playoff game with 12.

Lillard broke the record in Game 5 of Portland's first-round matchup with Denver in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. He finished with 55 points on 12-for-17 shooting from 3-point range in the double-overtime loss.

Klay Thompson ranks second all-time with 11 3-pointers. That outburst was the start of "Game 6 Klay."

The most 3-pointers Stephen Curry has ever made in a playoff game is nine. He's done it twice: Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals and Game 1 of the 2019 Western Conference Finals.

Rank Player 3-pointers made
1. Damian Lillard 12
2. Klay Thompson 11
3. Damian Lillard 10
4. Donovan Mitchell (x2) 9
  Jamal Murray (x2) 9
  Stephen Curry (x2) 9
  Ray Allen (x2) 9
  Bojan Bogdanovic 9
  Damian Lillard 9
  Klay Thompson 9
  Jason Terry 9
  Vince Carter 9
  Rex Chapman 9

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Most 3-pointers made in NBA Playoffs career

Stephen Curry might not own the single-game record for the most 3-pointers made in the playoffs, but nobody has made more 3-pointers in their postseason career than the Warriors' star.

Joining Curry in the top five are Klay Thompson, LeBron James, James Harden and Ray Allen.

Rank Player 3-pointers made
1. Stephen Curry 604
2. Klay Thompson 491
3. LeBron James 444
4. James Harden 390
5. Ray Allen 385
6. Kevin Durant 358
7. Manu Ginobili 324
8. Reggie Miller 320
9. Danny Green 315
10. J.R. Smith 294


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