Aaron Rodgers rumors: Packers reportedly 'disgusted with' QB, ready to move on from him
Aaron Rodgers rumors: Packers reportedly 'disgusted with' QB, ready to move on from him
Packers reportedly ready to move on from Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers railed against the media before going dark this week. When he emerges, he'll find his name circulating in the headlines once again.

Longtime Packers reporter Bob McGinn, who has covered the NFL since 1979, reported Friday that the Packers have "all but moved on" from Rodgers.

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"They’re disgusted with him, and they’re done with him," McGinn said on the "Go Long Podcast" with Tyler Dunne, adding he's "totally convinced" Rodgers won't be Green Bay's starter in 2023. 

Wow @BobMcGinn was not messing around.

…they are done with Rodgers. That’s the way it is right now, that he’s not coming back. They’re disgusted with him and they’re done with him and they’re moving on.

— Andy Herman (@AndyHermanNFL) February 17, 2023

While Rodgers has caused his share of off-the-field distractions since he first tried to force his way out of Green Bay in 2021, McGinn says the Packers' willingness to deal their franchise quarterback also has plenty to do with their commitment to Jordan Love. 

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"They think he's the second coming now," McGinn said of Love (per a tweet by Dunne), who is heading into his fourth NFL season but only has one career start.

McGinn said the Packers "have seen enough in practice for three years" to commit to Love as their starter.

Love looked fine when he replaced Rodgers in the second half of a November loss to the Eagles, but that small sample size still leaves plenty of uncertainty. 

Rodgers signed a three-year, $150 million extension with the Packers last March. He has been noncommittal about returning to Green Bay, or returning to football at all, this offseason, but a decision is expected to come some time after Rodgers emerges from this week's "darkness retreat."

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While Rodgers wanted out in 2021 and wavered on his future early in the 2022 offseason, this situation appears to be different.

The Packers were willing to wait out decisions from their quarterback, who was coming off an MVP season, in each of the last two offseasons. With Rodgers coming off a down season and Love now having another year under his belt, the transition may be easier in 2023 than it would have been in 2021 or 2022.

Rodgers found himself on the other end of this scenario in 2008, when he replaced a traded Brett Favre after three seasons on the bench. We'll find out in the coming weeks whether Love's fourth season will play out the same way.

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