Best and worst NFL schedule release videos, from Titans' 'Chester Cheeto' hit to 49ers & Cardinals flops
Best and worst NFL schedule release videos, from Titans' 'Chester Cheeto' hit to 49ers & Cardinals flops
Best and worst NFL schedule announcements

The NFL has quickly turned the annual release of the regular season schedule from just another night into one of the premier events on the offseason calendars. Teams' social media channels have risen to the occasion.

The individual schedule announcements get more creative each year, and this year was no different. Many teams took a fun approach to unveiling their 2023 schedule, and naturally some were hits while others were just bizarre.

At the end of the day, the schedule is the schedule regardless of how it's revealed. That doesn't mean teams can't have some fun in the process.

Here's a look at the best and worst schedule announcements from Thursday night.

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Best NFL schedule release videos

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers won last year's schedule release night with their anime-themed reveal video, so they went back and did it again.

Los Angeles' two-minute video sneaks in a handful of roasts, making it even better. The Chargers' matchup with the Lions is announced with a message that starts with, "Gambling Problem?" That would be a reference to the slew of Lions players suspended for gambling violations, including WR Jameson Williams.

should we REALLY make our schedule release video an anime AGAIN?

yes yes yesyes
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— Los Angeles Chargers (@chargers) May 12, 2023

For their matchups with the Raiders, the Chargers showed a coin-slot machine that reads "Garoppolo" with "Rodgers" and "Brady" just above — a subtle dig at the Raiders missing out on both future Hall of Fame quarterbacks. 

Los Angeles' matchup with the Bills is announced with the burning logos of all four Super Bowls Buffalo lost, and their matchups with the Chiefs include a reference to embattled fan "Chiefsaholic." 

There was no mention of the Chargers' blown 27-3 lead to the Jaguars from the first round of the playoffs. 

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Tennessee Titans

The Titans produced multiple schedule announcement videos, so this might not be fair, but their TikTok-style video on Broadway was a hit. Non-sports fans trying to identify sports logos has long been a fun social media trend, and the Titans nailed it here by going down to Broadway and having random pedestrians try to name the logos.

The Bengals are the "Boston Bobcats," the Jaguars are "Chester Cheeto," and the Chargers are "Lightning McQueen." Close enough, and well done by the Titans.

We asked people on Broadway to help us with our 2023 schedule release. 🤣

📺: 2023 Schedule Release on @nflnetwork

— Tennessee Titans (@Titans) May 12, 2023

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts ate their 2023 schedule! Grover Stewart and DeForest Buckner ate a meal (or part of a meal, at least) for each of their opponents.

With everything from crab legs and Skyline Chili to beignets and even German cuisine, Indianapolis put together a fun reveal video that will make you hungry. This one serves as proof a video doesn't need to be over-edited to be great. 

Bon Appétit. 🤌

— Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) May 12, 2023

New York Jets

Anyone who's spent too much time on TikTok knows Trevor Rainbolt, better known as the internet's most incredible geo-guesser. Give him any Google Maps image and he will likely tell you where in the world it's from. 

For this exercise, he only had to stick to the United States. 

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"Guessing the location of the Jets' 2023 opponents in 0.1 seconds, but I can only see half the image and it's black and white," Rainbolt says as he guesses each city of the Jets' opponents. 

we'll take it @georainbolt

— New York Jets (@nyjets) May 12, 2023

Buffalo Bills

The Bills consistently go viral on TikTok because of how much they involve their players in their social media content, and this announcement has everything.

Buffalo had some of its players announce the schedule by doing whatever their "dream" was. That includes Josh Allen as a paper boy revealing the Bills' Week 1 matchup with the Jets, Damien Harris revealing some more games by playing a video game on the jumbotron, and Dawson Knox unveiling a couple more matchups while operating a forklift. Well done. 

Our 2023 schedule is making dreams come true.

📺: Schedule Release | 8PM on @NFLNetwork and @NFL+

— Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) May 12, 2023

Detroit Lions

The Lions produced a fun one, generating a conversation between Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes entirely with AI. Unlike the Commanders' AI-themed video, this one is not creepy and pretty funny as AI-generated Campbell and Holmes (plus Jared Goff and other guests) reveal the schedule by playing Madden.

If you've seen the hilarious TikTok videos with AI-generated conversations between presidents, you will enjoy this one. 

Grab the sticks, it’s time to play! 🎮 🏈 @ticketmaster

— Detroit Lions (@Lions) May 12, 2023

Worst NFL schedule release videos

Arizona Cardinals

Nobody wants a long release video, but nobody wants a 25-second video, either.

The Cardinals' announcement shows Kyler Murray throwing to Marquise Brown for 10 seconds before the schedule pops up. Even the graphic for the schedule isn't anything special. Arizona's release video matches its expectations for the season. 

wait for it...

— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) May 12, 2023

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San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers collaborated with rapper Locksmith for their schedule release video. As talented as he seems to be, there's a reason most teams don't unveil their schedule using a song.

Aside from the fact the song isn't great, you have to actually listen to the entire thing to hear the schedule. There aren't graphics within the video that reveal the opponents, dates, or times. There were so many better directions this could have gone. 

Schedule on LOCK 🔒@dalocksmith | @Ticketmaster#FTTB

— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) May 12, 2023

Washington Commanders

The reactions to the Commanders' reveal video were mixed at best. Washington's mascot Major Tuddy uses an AI program named "ChatDMV" (get it?) to unveil the schedule, and it creates AI versions of Ron Rivera, Jack Del Rio, and others who announce the matchups.

Introducing the newest AI software, ChatDMV

🎟 | @SeatGeek

— Washington Commanders (@Commanders) May 12, 2023

In between the creepy AI-generated people, there are a few too many references to pigs. The Commanders are trying to make the pig mascot synonymous with their brand, but the number of pigs in this video is over the top for a franchise that isn't named after any type of pig. 

Seattle Seahawks

What went wrong in the NFC West? It was not a banner night for the Seahawks' social media team. Seattle only announced its schedule with a graphic initially, before posting all of their opponents as 90s album covers in a long Twitter thread.

The albums were fine, but with no video and a long delay until anything too creative was posted, there's plenty left on the table here. 

It's here. Your 2023 schedule is up! 🗓

🎟 | @Delta

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) May 12, 2023

Atlanta Falcons

Like the Bengals, the Falcons were going for a certain audience here. They deployed a few TikTok creators to reveal a game in their own style, but it's just hard to follow. If you're not paying close attention, it's impossible to remember most of the games by the end of it. 

*sees @NFL Schedule is out*

*opens up TikTok*

— Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) May 12, 2023

Las Vegas Raiders

None of the games are revealed until three minutes and 20 seconds into the video! The Raiders' announcement is well put together, but after all of the waiting fans have had to endure, watching people maniacally shout and throw papers in the air for three minutes is a bit much. 

We got the dates! 📃

— Las Vegas Raiders (@Raiders) May 12, 2023

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