Bills' Josh Allen claims partial responsibility for mysterious Stefon Diggs drama: 'Things that I could do better'
Bills' Josh Allen claims partial responsibility for mysterious Stefon Diggs drama: 'Things that I could do better'
Josh Allen takes some responsibility for mysterious Stefon Diggs drama

We are one day into the Bills' mandatory minicamp, and Bills fans are likely already massaging their temples.

Star receiver Stefon Diggs was not present Tuesday, prompting Bills coach Sean McDermott to say he is "very concerned" with the team's top receiver's status.

Later reports, however, indicated McDermott has nothing to worry about. Diggs' agent claimed he is at camp and has met with Bills general manager Brandon Beane and McDermott, making the coach's concern levels somewhat confusing. All things told: Weird.

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But Bills quarterback Josh Allen shined some light on Diggs' mysterious absence Tuesday. Allen said Diggs' non-attendance was related to an internal issue that the team is handling, but, for his part, took some accountability for the situation.

"There's things that I could do better to help out with this process and try to get him back here and be the Buffalo Bill that he's meant to be," Allen said, per ESPN.

Allen noted that those things could include incorporating Diggs "a little bit better in what we're doing here" and "getting him the ball or getting more involved in the game plan."

The latter statement is noteworthy given that one of the most recent sightings of Diggs in a Bills jersey was him gesticulating in frustration toward Allen during a 27-10 loss to the Bengals in last year's divisional round. That prompted some to ask if this is a carryover from that ending to the season.

Allen, however, didn't assume all responsibility, adding the organization as a whole has some work to do in working with Diggs.

"I think as an organization, maybe not communicating the right way with everything," Allen said. "So again, just trying to talk and listen at the same time and hear him out. And like I said, just try to move this forward as quickly and as respectfully as possible."

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Allen added he has spoken to Diggs before hammering the point home.

"Stef, he's my guy..." he added. "I f—ing love him. He's a brother of mine. This does not work, what we're doing here, without him. We wish he was in here today and was out there on the field with us and that's not the case, but I've got his back no matter what. And again, I've got no doubt that we will figure out what's going on. I frigging love him. I can't stress that enough."

"I f****** love him... I've got his back no matter what."

-Josh Allen on Stefon Diggs#BillsMafia @BuffaloPlus

— Dan Fetes (@danfetes) June 13, 2023

Diggs responded in characteristically cryptic fashion on Instagram, saying "I just be letting people cap. If them lies help you sleep better tell em big dawg."

Stefon Diggs on Instagram:

— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) June 13, 2023

Who is Diggs talking to? Who knows? That's clearly the point.

Diggs as things stand is nearly untradeable. He is on a four-year, $96 million contract with $70 million guaranteed. The Bills would incur about $45.5 million in dead cap space over the next two years if they traded Diggs, ensuring that the receiver is all but locked into Buffalo.

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