Jason Derulo's robot dog backup dancers during Super Bowl 57 pregame concert sends NFL Twitter all aflutter
Jason Derulo's robot dog backup dancers during Super Bowl 57 pregame concert sends NFL Twitter all aflutter
Jason Derulo's robot dog backup dancers during Super Bowl game concert sends NFL Twitter aflutter

Nobody has clung to relevance by trend chasing quite like Jason Derulo has throughout his career, and that trend continued ahead of Super Bowl 57.

Derulo gave a performance in which he was accompanied by dancing robot dogs, popularized by Boston Dynamics and a "Black Mirror" episode that features robots that bear a striking similarity– and the dogs were a hit!

The dogs were, of course limited in movement – they're robots and jointed like robots after all. Nevertheless, people took notice.

The scene was extremely strange.

Why are we not talking about the dancing robot dogs on stage with @jasonderulo?#robot #dogs pic.twitter.com/z67kgZ78am

— Corry (@ItIsCorry) February 12, 2023

PLS- Not Jason Derulo with the biohybrid doggos ? 💀☠️☠️ pic.twitter.com/UlSKFHpOuy

— Goddess (@MazvitaJames) February 12, 2023

Predictably, social media really enjoyed poking fun at the dogs, at least before they conduct an uprising and overtake us all.

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Me looking at Jason Derulo next tour knowing he’s using boston dynamics dogs as backup dancers pic.twitter.com/KJQwiELfHm

— Pizza Dad (@Pizza__Dad) February 12, 2023

Not Jason Derulo having robotic dogs dancing on the stage for his super bowl pre party performance 💀 pic.twitter.com/cSGtLeT0XX

— ✨🌈🌼 Figgy 🔜 PHX Lights 🌌 (@jordan_figgy) February 12, 2023

why does jason derulo have these lil robots dancing with him pic.twitter.com/08dGqGPWUV

— lil pancake (@sarahkaylin) February 12, 2023

Jason Derulo has his #SuperBowl tour ready for the UFOs and Alien Invasion: pic.twitter.com/RAMfgB0Sl7

— Danny Armstrong (@DArmstrong44) February 12, 2023

Jason Derulo out here like the final boss in a dance film pic.twitter.com/fZJWt8dHMW

— Jasmine (@JasmineLWatkins) February 12, 2023

we got ufos in the sky and Jason Derulo has background dancing robots, the end of times is here pic.twitter.com/cX0vaFHzUe

— Breaking Trends News (@btrendsnews) February 12, 2023

Jason Derulo just performed with robot dogs on stage. #SuperBowl is lit pic.twitter.com/NIh9RFKKbX

— Ben Goddard (@TheBenGoddard) February 12, 2023

Are those Black Mirror/Boston Robotics killer dogs dancing with Jason Derulo rn

— Jonathan Lubic (@WolfofMiami) February 12, 2023

Good for Derulo making it in the news another day, perhaps bad for humanity. With all of the paranormal activity already happening around the country, this just further proof that the end is nigh. Will this curry favor with the dogs for Derulo? Who's to say. We'll see with the endtimes, when Derulo does his "end of the world" concert.

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