Jordan Love gives insight to Aaron Rodgers relationship following Jets trade: 'Always grateful'
Jordan Love gives insight to Aaron Rodgers relationship following Jets trade: 'Always grateful'
Jordan Love gives insight to Aaron Rodgers relationship

It's all love between the current Packers QB and the former Packers QB.Jordan Love has been handed the keys to the QB1 position in Green Bay, after sitting behind Aaron Rodgers for three years. While the split between Brett Favre and the Packers was somewhat acrimonious, leading to rumors of an icy relationship between he and Rodgers for years, history hasn't quite repeated itself for Rodgers and Love.While there were times that were tough for Love, the new QB1 in Green Bay has no ill will for Rodgers and vice versa. On Wednesday, he revealed a little bit more insight to the relationship between he and Rodgers in their last days as teammates.MORE: Aaron Rodgers 'so f—ing happy' to be with the Jets"We talked after the trade," Love said at a news conference. "It was kind of, just … 'Wish you the best going forward,' he wished me the best, and always there for me if I need anything, if I have any questions or anything," Love said during a press conference on Wednesday."I'm always just grateful to be around him, and for the time I had with him. To be able to learn and be behind it, it's very grateful for me."Rodgers' split with the Packers had been coming from the moment they drafted his heir apparent in Love in 2020. Instead of Rodgers rolling over, he won back-to-back NFL MVP awards in 2020 and 2021, before having something of a down year in 2022.MORE: Why the Packers extended Jordan LoveTo that end, Rodgers has always been complimentary of Love when asked, so there likely isn't any hidden animosity between the two parties.Love admitted that it wasn't all smooth sailing for him personally, with Rodgers' new deal in 2022 casting a bit of doubt as to whether or not he'd get the nod as QB in Packers colors."When I got drafted here, I knew right away exactly what situation I was being be put in, who I was gonna be behind, so I knew it was gonna come with time," Love said. … "But I'll admit,  the hardest time was when he (Rodgers) signed the contract last year, it was kind of like, 'OK, where do we go from here? What do I do?'"Well, it looks like Love has answers to his questions, but whether or not he makes good on the opportunity will be revealed this upcoming season.

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