'Tik-Tok boy' JuJu Smith-Schuster takes shot at James Bradberry, irks A.J. Brown with Valentine's Day tweet
'Tik-Tok boy' JuJu Smith-Schuster takes shot at James Bradberry, irks A.J. Brown with Valentine's Day tweet
'Tik-Tok boy' JuJu Smith-Schuster takes shot at James Bradberry, irks A.J. Brown with Valentine's Day tweet

Chiefs WR JuJu Smith-Schuster isn't ready to let fans forget the penalty on Eagles CB James Bradberry that helped Kansas City seal a win in Super Bowl 57.

Smith-Schuster tweeted a not-so-subtle jab at Bradberry on Tuesday with a Valentine's Day card that reads, "I'll hold you when it matters most" above a picture of the Eagles cornerback. 

"Happy Valentine's Day, everybody," Smith-Schuster said with a heart emoji. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody ❤️ pic.twitter.com/skXuZVgrYR

— JuJu Smith-Schuster (@TeamJuJu) February 14, 2023

Smith-Schuster ruffled some feathers among Eagles fans last week when he said the best Philly cheesesteaks were not from Philadelphia, and he didn't earn himself any goodwill by referencing the defensive holding call that allowed the Chiefs to run the clock down to eight seconds and kick a game-winning field goal.

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Bradberry took responsibility for the penalty after the game and was defended by teammates and coaches who said the narrow loss was about much more than one play. 

Eagles WR A.J. Brown hit back at Smith-Schuster on Twitter, labeling the former Steelers receiver "Tik-tok boy." 

"You was on the way out the league before Mahomes resurrected your career," Brown tweeted, calling Smith-Schuster's tweet "lame." 

First off congratulations. Y’all deserve it .This is lame. You was on the way out the league before mahomes resurrected your career on your 1 year deal Tik-Tok boy . He admitted that he grabbed you but don’t act like your like that or ever was. But congratulations again! 🎊👏🏾🍻 https://t.co/Z3SpMXnP4K

— AJ Brown (@1kalwaysopen_) February 14, 2023

Smith-Schuster responded in kind, sending another short, but punchy tweet at Philly's Pro Bowl receiver.

Glad you were finally able to get all that off your chest after all these years. Good game bro 👍🏾💍 https://t.co/2JNdB6uYqU

— JuJu Smith-Schuster (@TeamJuJu) February 14, 2023

The barbs only escalated from there, however, with some of the NFL's biggest names chiming in. Tyreek Hill set off the hysterics, seemingly throwing shade at Smith-Schuster in a reply.

Man played victim 😂😂 lol I’m logging off here today https://t.co/PhXYQM1aig

— Ty Hill (@cheetah) February 14, 2023

That seemed to open up the floodgates. Mahomes took to Twitter, offering a vague statement that could've been directed at any one of Hill, Smith-Schuster or Brown. We'll let you decide:

That man must just be bored.

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) February 14, 2023

Brown hit back with a now deleted tweet, telling Mahomes (and any of his followers) "He called you and told on me. Sounds about right. Yeah y'all got it," followed by a crying laughter emoji. Spicy.

now Big AJ scared loll pic.twitter.com/3pgAkzp1s8

— 𝓟. (@pabloskywaIker) February 15, 2023

Fortunately for Bradberry and company, his teammates had his back. C.J. Gardner-Johnson threw a series of jabs at Smith-Schuster:

School boys acting gangsta ….. https://t.co/iUOMobUjNb

— C.J. Gardner-Johnson (@CGJXXIII) February 14, 2023

JuJu ran from me when I check him in game 🥱🥱🥱 then 10 got his smoke 🤮

— C.J. Gardner-Johnson (@CGJXXIII) February 14, 2023

I got more INT’s then bra had TD’s….. maybe I need to change to WR 😅😂

— C.J. Gardner-Johnson (@CGJXXIII) February 14, 2023

And even Cowboys linebacker  Micah Parsons offered some support for his divisional rival. Who could've imagined that?

Damm social media has allowed players social media skills be better than their football skills ! #SAD

— Micah Parsons (@MicahhParsons11) February 14, 2023

The Chiefs and Eagles are set to face each other in Kansas City next season. Both Smith-Schuster and Bradberry are pending free agents, though Smith-Schuster has made it clear he wants to return to the Chiefs.

With or without Bradberry, we may have a budding out-of-conference rivalry on our hands. 

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