Where is Micah Parsons from? Hometown, college & more to know about Cowboys star's Philadelphia fandom
Where is Micah Parsons from? Hometown, college & more to know about Cowboys star's Philadelphia fandom
What to know about Micah Parsons' Philly fandom

Cowboys star Micah Parsons has become one of the faces of Dallas sports, but his heart might still be in Pennsylvania. 

Parsons made headlines in November when he attended Game 3 of the World Series in a Phillies jersey, and he sparked controversy again on Sunday when he was wearing a 76ers jersey at Philadelphia's Game 4 win over the Celtics. 

Luckily, the Dallas-area MLB and NBA teams aren't rivals with Philadelphia-area teams. The Rangers and Phillies don't have many connections, while the Mavericks and 76ers are in separate conferences. In fact, some Dallas fans might have even been rooting for the Phillies to take out the Rangers' division-rival Astros in the World Series.

Parsons embracing Philadelphia still rubs some Cowboys fans the wrong way, though, considering the franchise's heated rivalry with the Eagles, but he has a good reason for it. 

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Here's what you need to know about Parsons' Pennsylvania background.

What is Micah Parsons' hometown?

Parsons was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pa., about two hours away from Philadelphia. He attended two Harrisburg high schools, spending two years at Central Dauphin High School and finishing up at Harrisburg High School. 

While the two-time All-Pro isn't from Philadelphia itself, he grew up close enough to have a connection to its sports teams. When Parsons created some buzz by wearing a Phillies jersey in November, he said on social media, "Lol just some home support!!."

Parsons had a ready-made excuse this time, tweeting that Tyrese Maxey, whose jersey he was wearing, is from Texas.

Maxey from Texas lol!! https://t.co/bYXyJ3PZDw

— Micah Parsons (@MicahhParsons11) May 7, 2023

That still might not be enough to satisfy Cowboys fans who have learned to loathe everything Eagles fans support. 

Where did Micah Parsons go to college?

Parsons stayed in-state for college, attending Penn State. He was one of the nation's top players coming out of high school and initially decommitted from the Nittany Lions before reaffirming his commitment in December 2017.

Parsons was a huge target for coach James Franklin because of his ties to the state, and Franklin was able to plug him into his Penn State defense for three seasons. 

State College is only about 90 minutes from Harrisburg, so Parsons didn't have to do much relocating until the Cowboys drafted him in 2021. 

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Is Micah Parsons an Eagles fan?

It's unclear whether Parsons' fandom of the Phillies and 76ers ever extended to the Eagles. The Dallas Morning News said in 2021 that his parents are Cowboys fans, and there aren't many indications he grew up passionately rooting for the Eagles the same way he did for the other Philly teams. 

If Parsons was an Eagles fan, it's probably best to keep it under wraps at this point. The Eagles remain Dallas' bitter rival and again look primed to be among the NFC's top teams in 2023. 

That likely hasn't stopped Eagles fans from dreaming of landing one of the game's premier defensive players. Even A.J. Brown tried recruiting Parsons in April, saying, "Micah, I know you just be a Philadelphia Eagle at this point. I know you want to be a part of this great organization." Parsons is also friends with Eagles OT Lane Johnston. 

Still, the idea of Parsons ever becoming an Eagle will likely remain just an idea. There isn't much reason for the Cowboys not to offer him a massive extension when he becomes eligible for a new deal next offseason. 

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