Police, Media Refuses To Release Details As 8-Year-Old Boy Falls To Hands Of Muslim In Idaho

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RWC News Police, Media Refuses To Release Details As 8-Year-Old Boy Falls To Hands Of Muslim In Idaho

Locals authorities are not making much known about this sexual attack against a child.

In a shocking repeat of recent history, another child in Idaho has been sexually assaulted by a young. In this case, police and the media are saying very little about the recent arrest of 19-year-old Abdulaziz H. Alamri for lewd activities with a young child. The child in question is only eight years old.

While the police are not releasing much information about this attack, it is known that the family of the child found about some unwanted sexual contacted between the child and Alamri that was reported to the police. This report lead to the teen being arrested.

RWC News Police, Media Refuses To Release Details As 8-Year-Old Boy Falls To Hands Of Muslim In Idaho

Teen arrested while police refuse to discuss the sexual attack of an 8-year-old in Idaho.


It is alarming that there is no more being said in the local media about this crime, as often in cases like this, there may be other victims in the local area. This is also a very serious charge as is a felony and carries the possibility of life in prison. A charge of this type with the possibility of more victims should garner more attention than this is.

The assault occurred in Pocatello, Idaho. It is roughly 100 miles from another sexual attack that from the beginning was ignored by local media. That attack involved a five-year-old disabled girl being attacked by several refugee boys in Twin Falls.

In the small Twin Falls community, refugees were brought into work in a local factory. This influx of families brought not only new workers but also many young children that had survived horrible treatment in refugee camps.

RWC News Police, Media Refuses To Release Details As 8-Year-Old Boy Falls To Hands Of Muslim In Idaho

A case in Twin Falls received the same lack of coverage as this instance is currently seeing.


As families move into the area to settle as asylum seekers, they often have access to special programs to find things like housing and social services. What is often missing from this equation is counseling services or other school based supports for the children in these families. It is not unusual for both boys and girls to experience sexual abuse or even being sold into prostitution in refugee camps.

After surviving their trauma as they leave a dangerous country to see then more danger in refugee camps can leave some of these children ill prepared to quietly blend into a new community. They are not the typical classmates one might expect in a small town classroom or even an average neighbor in an apartment complex.

In some cases, like the boys in the Twin Falls case, they bring with them adult levels of sexual knowledge. They are then playing along same side peers that do not share those experiences. This turned into a sexual assault and brutal attack on the 5-year-old girl at the center of the Twin Falls case.

In both of these cases, the parents stepped forward to demand justice after discovering the abuse. The Twin Falls case was even more shocking as the father of the victim learned about the attack via a disgusting video the attackers made of his daughter. All of the children involved in that case appeared to be far advanced sexually for their age.


The Twin Falls apartment complex and the larger community pushed for the father to not report the rape and torture of the little girl. It was much easier to ignore this attack than to address the underlying cause.

Sadly this same type of behavior has yet again occurred as the 19-year-old attacked a much younger and smaller child. It is not clear if either case might include previous victims, but it is also not out of the question. Sexual predators of this type often are not caught the first time they act out. Not only is it important to make this information public to gather evidence, but it also may lead to more victims coming forward.

The idea that there may be more victims out there may be the exact reason why this is being kept so quiet. In both of the Idaho cases, it seems it was less about helping the young victims and more about hiding the bigger refugee crisis. It is hard to even estimate how many other unsuspecting neighbors are falling victim to this type of crime.

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