The Golden Globes win by Evan Peters was very upsetting to the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer.
The Golden Globes win by Evan Peters was very upsetting to the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer.
Shirley Hughes, the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer victim Tony Hughes, slammed Evan Peters after he won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the serial killer in Netflix's "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story."

The mother of a victim of Jeffrey Dahmer is speaking out after the actor who portrayed him in a recent series won an award.

Evan Peters won the Golden Globe for best actor in a limited or anthology series or television film for his portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer in "Monster: The Jeffrey dahmer Story."

He thanked everyone who watched the show. It was difficult to watch. I hope some good came out of it.

Tony Hughes was murdered by Dahmer in 1991. Tony was Dahmer's 12th victim and his murder was dramatized in the sixth episode of "Monster."

During an interview with the celebrity website, Shirley criticized Peters' acceptance of the award.

Jeffrey Dahmer and Evan Peters.

She said that people winning acting roles from playing killers makes sick people thrive on the fame.

She said it was a shame that people could make money from the tragedy. The victims did not see a cent. We go through these emotions all the time.

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The families of the victims should have been acknowledged by Peters, or Hollywood should stop dramatizing similar tragedies, according to the man.

In October, he spoke to The Guardian about the series.

She didn't see how they could do that. I don't see how they can use our names.

She ended the call without mentioning that her son's murder didn't happen the way it was portrayed in the series.

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Tony had been visiting his mother in Milwaukee for two weeks before he was murdered.

Tony told the producers of the docuseries that he and Dahmer knew each other before he was killed.

Tony and Jeff were friends for a long time. Tony and Jeff had a relationship. Ross said Tony told him so. Tony Hughes and I were at a bar called The Phoenix. Jeffrey Dahmer came in the back door and we were sitting at the bar. Tony got up from the bar and approached Jeff. Tony followed Jeff on the dance floor.

He said that he last saw Tony Hughes.

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Tony's mother told the Associated Press in 1991 that her son was going out to a bar with a friend on the night of his death. She didn't know Jeffrey's last name.

This version of events was the one that appeared in the show, which suggests that Dahmer had an emotional attachment to Tony before murdering him with a hammer.

Dahmer told prosecutors he had never met Tony. Dahmer claimed in a confession to his defense attorneys that he tried to keep Tony alive by drugging him and performing a deadly, non- medical procedure before murdering him.

He kept Tony's skull.

When Milwaukee police arrested Dahmer and found Tony's skull at his apartment, they were able to identify it from dental records.


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