The new Peacock Doc is 'Amber'. The girl behind the alert explores a cold case.
The new Peacock Doc is 'Amber'. The girl behind the alert explores a cold case.
The AMBER Alert system was named for Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped and murdered in Texas in 1996. A new Peacock documentary explores both the cold case and the alert system it inspired.

A new Peacock documentary takes a fresh look at the cold case behind the missing children.

The AMBER Alert, a nationwide system designed to quickly inform the public about missing and vulnerable children, was the subject of "Amber: The Girl Behind The Alert."

There are no signs of a missing West Virginia woman. More than a month ago.

The Associated Press reported at the time that her body was found by a man walking his dog eight miles from her abduction site. Police believed that she had been dumped upstream and washed north by heavy storms.

She had no clothes on. No one was ever arrested in the case.

Diana Simone called her local radio station and asked if they could interrupt programming in the future to broadcast information about similar cases, similar to the emergency broadcast system. She wanted it to be called "Amber's Plan."

Utah Murder-Suicide Leaves 3 Adults. 5 children dead. Wife files for divorce.

NBC News reported that the Dallas Fort-Worth Broadcasters put together a system to do what Simone had suggested. The AMBER Alert System was adopted nationwide and stands for "America's missing: broadcast emergency response."

The executive producer of the Peacock documentary said in a press release that the AMBER Alert has brought more than 1,000 children home safely, but after 25 years, the case of amber has not been solved.

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"Amber:" The girl behind the alert will premiere on Peacock.


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